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2022-01-31A qualitative study of early career Australian midwives' encounters with perinatal grief, loss and trauma.Sheehy, A; Baird, K
2021-11-08Correction to: Australian hospital staff perceptions of barriers and enablers of domestic and family violence screening and response.Creedy, DK; Baird, K; Gillespie, K; Branjerdporn, G
2021-10-19Australian hospital staff perceptions of barriers and enablers of domestic and family violence screening and response.Creedy, DK; Baird, K; Gillespie, K; Branjerdporn, G
2021-09-22A multitheoretical perspective for addressing domestic and family violence: Supporting fathers to parent without harmGatfield, E; O’Leary, P; Meyer, S; Baird, K
2021-05-17Early exclusive breastfeeding cessation and postpartum depression: Assessing the mediating and moderating role of maternal stress and social supportIslam, J; Broidy, L; Baird, K; Rahman, M; Zobair, KM
2021-05-14Evidence based, trauma informed/focused psychological treatment outcomes for women who have experienced and survived domestic violence: A scoping review.Baird, K; Fry, M; McAloon, J
2021-04-23Domestic and Family Violence and its Association with Mental Health Among Pregnant Women Attending Antenatal Care in a Tertiary Hospital of Eastern Nepal.Sapkota, D; Anderson, D; Saito, A; Baird, K
2021-04-15Cost of intimate partner violence during pregnancy and postpartum to health services: a data linkage study in Queensland, Australia.Callander, EJ; Bull, C; Baird, K; Branjerdporn, G; Gillespie, K; Creedy, D
2021-04Exploring Intimate Partner Violence Before, During, and After Pregnancy in Bangladesh.Islam, MJ; Broidy, L; Mazerolle, P; Baird, K; Mazumder, N
2021-03-16Exploring the value and acceptability of an antenatal and postnatal midwifery continuity of care model to women and midwives, using the Quality Maternal Newborn Care FrameworkCummins, A; Griew, K; Devonport, C; Ebbett, W; Catling, C; Baird, K
2021-02-18Intimate Partner Violence in Pregnancy and the Post-partum Period: A Research and Practice OverviewBaird, K
2021-02-01Scoping Report ANGAU Birthing Suites Clinical Support ProgramRumsey, M; Neill, A; Baird, K
2021-01-28Learning to be a midwife: Midwifery students' experiences of an extended placement within a midwifery group practice.Baird, K; Hastie, CR; Stanton, P; Gamble, J
2021-01-18Scoping Report ANGAU Paediatric FacilitiesRumsey, M; Neill, A; Baird, K; Nataraja, R; Maguire, J
2021-01Exploring the Prevalence and Correlates Associated With Intimate Partner Violence During Pregnancy in Bangladesh.Islam, MJ; Mazerolle, P; Broidy, L; Baird, K
2020-10-05Red flags and gut feelings-Midwives' perceptions of domestic and family violence screening and detection in a maternity department.Baird, K; Creedy, DK; Branjerdporn, G; Gillespie, K
2020-08-19Antenatal-Based Pilot Psychosocial Intervention to Enhance Mental Health of Pregnant Women Experiencing Domestic and Family Violence in Nepal.Sapkota, D; Baird, K; Saito, A; Rijal, P; Anderson, D
2020-02-10Effectiveness of interventions for changing HIV related risk behaviours among key populations in low-income setting: A Meta-Analysis, 2001-2016.Deuba, K; Sapkota, D; Shrestha, U; Shrestha, R; Rawal, BB; Badal, K; Baird, K; Ekström, AM
2020-01-21Development and Validation of an Information Booklet Aimed at Promoting Mental Health for Pregnant Women with a History of Abuse.Sapkota, D; Baird, K; Saito, A; Budhathoki, SS; Pokharel, R; Basnet, S; Anderson, D
2020Do Maternal Depression and Self-Esteem Moderate and Mediate the Association Between Intimate Partner Violence After Childbirth and Postpartum Suicidal Ideation?Islam, MJ; Broidy, L; Mazerolle, P; Baird, K; Mazumder, N; Zobair, KM