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2020-10-05Red flags and gut feelings-Midwives' perceptions of domestic and family violence screening and detection in a maternity department.Baird K; Creedy DK; Branjerdporn G; Gillespie K
2020-08-19Antenatal-Based Pilot Psychosocial Intervention to Enhance Mental Health of Pregnant Women Experiencing Domestic and Family Violence in Nepal.Sapkota D; Baird K; Saito A; Rijal P; Anderson D
2020-05The role of nurses and midwives in the provision of abortion care: A scoping review.Mainey L; O'Mullan C; Reid-Searl K; Taylor A; Baird K
2020-03-26Birth outcomes in a Swedish population of women reporting a history of violence including domestic violence during pregnancy: a longitudinal cohort study.Finnbogadóttir H; Baird K; Thies-Lagergren L
2020-02-10Effectiveness of interventions for changing HIV related risk behaviours among key populations in low-income setting: A Meta-Analysis, 2001-2016.Deuba K; Sapkota D; Shrestha U; Shrestha R; Rawal BB; Badal K; Baird K; Ekström AM
2020-01-21Development and Validation of an Information Booklet Aimed at Promoting Mental Health for Pregnant Women with a History of Abuse.Sapkota D; Baird K; Saito A; Budhathoki SS; Pokharel R; Basnet S; Anderson D
2020-01'We don't see because we don't ask': Qualitative exploration of service users' and health professionals' views regarding a psychosocial intervention targeting pregnant women experiencing domestic and family violence.Sapkota D; Baird K; Saito A; Rijal P; Pokharel R; Anderson D
2020A cross-sectional survey of pregnant women's perceptions of routine domestic and family violence screening and responses by midwives: Testing of three new toolsCreedy DK; Baird K; Gillespie K
2020Nurturing autonomy in student midwives within a student led antenatal clinicHamilton V; Baird K; Fenwick J
2020Simulated employment interviews: A collaborative approach to gaining understanding of the graduate midwife employment process.Sidebotham M; Walters C; Baird K; Gamble J
2020Do Maternal Depression and Self-Esteem Moderate and Mediate the Association Between Intimate Partner Violence After Childbirth and Postpartum Suicidal Ideation?Islam MJ; Broidy L; Mazerolle P; Baird K; Mazumder N; Zobair KM
2019-07Qualitative analysis of domestic violence detection and response in a tertiary hospital.Baird K; Carrasco A; Gillespie K; Boyd A
-A unified call to action from Australian Nursing and Midwifery leaders: ensuring that Black Lives MatterGeia L; Baird K; Bail K; Barclay L; Bennett J; Best O; Birks M; Blackley L; Blackman R; Bonner A; Bryant AO R; Buzzacott C; Campbell S; Catling C; Chamberlain C; Cox L; Cross W; Cruickshank M; Cummins A; Dahlen H; Daly J; Darbyshire P; Davidson P; Denny-Wilson E; De Souza R; Doyle K; Drummond A; Duff J; Duffield C; Dunning T; East L; Elliott D; Elmir R; Fergie D; Ferguson C; Fernandez R; Flower AM D; Foureur M; Fowler C; Fry M; Gorman E; Grant J; Gray J; Halcomb E; Hart B; Hartz D; Hazelton M; Heaton L; Hickman L; Homer C; Hungerford C; Hutton A; Jackson AO D; Johnson A; Kelly M; Kitson A; Knight S; Levett-Jones T; Lindsay D; Lovett R; Luck L; Malloy L; Manias E; Mannix J; Marriott AM R; Martin M; Massey D; McCloughen A; McGough S; McGrath L; Mills J; Mitchell B; Mohamed J; Montayre J; Moroney T; Moyle W; Moxham L; Northam AM H; Nowlan S; O'Brien T; Ogunsiji O; Patterson C; Pennington K; Peters K; Phillips J; Power T; Procter N; Ramjan L; Ramsay N; Rasmussen B; Rihari-Thomas J; Rind B; Robinson M; Roche M; Sainsbury K; Salamonson Y; Sherwood J; Shields L; Sim J; Skinner I; Smallwood G; Smallwood R; Stewart L; Taylor S; Usher AM K; Virdun C; Wannell J; Ward R; West C; West R; Wilkes L; Williams R; Wilson R; Wynaden D; Wynn R