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8-Mar-2019Stimulating photo curation on smartphonesZürn, X; Bakker, S; Broekhuijsen, M; Zijlema, A; Van Gennip, D; Van Den Hoven, E
21-Apr-2018Everyday Sounds of Dementia: Design with and for dementiaEggen, B; Brankaert, R; Bakker, S; Kenning, G
18-Mar-2018Internet of tangibles: Exploring the interaction-attention continuumAngelini, L; Mugellini, E; Khaled, OA; Couture, N; Van Den Hoven, E; Bakker, S
20-Mar-2017Wobble: Shaping unobtrusive reminders for prospective memories in the home contextZekveld, J; Bakker, S; Zijlema, A; Van Den Hoven, E
1-Feb-2016Facilitating peripheral interaction: design and evaluation of peripheral interaction for a gesture-based lighting control with multimodal feedbackHeijboer, M; van den Hoven, E; Bongers, B; Bakker, S
17-Oct-2015Tactility Trialing: Exploring Materials to Inform Tactile Experience DesignBakker, S; de Waart, S; van den Hoven, E
1-Jan-2015Peripheral interaction: characteristics and considerationsBakker, S; van den Hoven, E; Eggen, B
2014Interactive Rehabilitation TilesBongers, AJ; Smith, S; Donker, V; Pickrell, M; Bakker, S; Loke, L; De Luca, A
1-Jan-2013Peripheral Interaction: Embedding HCI in Everyday LifeHausen, D; Bakker, S; van den Hoven, E; Butz, A; Eggen, B; Kotze, P; Marsden, G; Lindgaard, G; Wesson, J; Winckler, M
Jan-2013FireFlies: Physical Peripheral Interaction Design for the Everyday Routine of Primary School TeachersBakker, S; van den Hoven, E; Eggen, B; Jordà, S; Parés, N
1-Dec-2012FireFlies: Supporting primary school teachers through open-ended interaction designBakker, S; Van Den Hoven, E; Eggen, B
1-May-2012Knowing by ear: Leveraging human attention abilities in interaction designBakker, S; van den Hoven, E; Eggen, B
1-May-2012Acting by hand: Informing interaction design for the periphery of people's attentionBakker, S; Van Den Hoven, E; Eggen, B
2-Apr-2012Exploring peripheral interaction design for primary school teachersBakker, S; Van Den Hoven, E; Eggen, B; Overbeeke, K
1-Apr-2012Embodied metaphors in tangible interaction designBakker, S; Antle, AN; Van Den Hoven, E
11-Mar-2011MoSo tangibles: Evaluating embodied learningBakker, S; Van Den Hoven, E; Antle, AN
12-Nov-2010Exploring interactive systems using peripheral soundsBakker, S; Van Den Hoven, E; Eggen, B
Jan-2010Sounds Like Home: Sonification and Physical Interaction in the Periphery and Center of the AttentionBakker, S; van den Berg, R; Pijnappel, S; van den Hoven, E; Bresin, R; Hermann, T; Hunt, A
30-Nov-2009Identifying embodied metaphors in children's sound-action mappingsBakker, S; Antle, AN; Van Den Hoven, E
26-Oct-2009Designing to support reasoned imagination through embodied metaphorAntle, AN; Corness, G; Bakker, S; Droumeva, M; Van Den Hoven, E; Bevans, A