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2022-12-12An initial parameter estimation approach for urban catchment modellingGong, S; Ball, JE; Surawski, N
2022-01-01Dynamically Linked Stormwater and Traffic ModelsFaris, FB; Ball, JE; Bharathy, GK
2021-03-23Optimizing flow diversion structure as an effective pier-scour countermeasureRanjbar-Zahedani, M; Keshavarzi, A; Khabbaz, H; Ball, JE
2021-01-01Modelling accuracy for urban design flood estimationBall, JE
2021-01-01Early stopping technique using a genetic algorithm for calibration of an urban runoff modelCu Thi, P; Ball, JE; Dao, NH
2019Climate Change and its Influence on Design Flood EstimationBall, JE
2018-11-13Uncertainty estimation using the glue and Bayesian approaches in flood estimation: A case study-Ba River, VietnamThi, PC; Ball, JE; Dao, NH
2018-09-01Estimation of soil infiltration and groundwater recharge in Sukhuma district of southern LaosVongphachanh, S; Milne-Home, W; Ball, JE; Gupta, AD; Pavelic, P
2018-09-01Urban stormwater modellingBall, JE
2017-11-03Parameter estimation for a large catchmentCu, P; Ball, JE
2017-08-13Seasonal Groundwater Level Fluctuations In Sukhuma District Of Southern LaosBall, JE; Vongphachanh, S; Milne-Home, W; Das Gupta, A; Ghani, AA
2017-08-13Urban Flood Modelling - Process or Regression?Ball, JE; Aminuddin Ab. Ghani
2017-08-13Challenge in Flood Forecasting Using Rating Curve of Unstable River Systems: The BrahmaputraIslam, MA; Ball, JE; Zaman, AM; Rahman, SMM
2017-01-12Interactive comment on “Improving the Xin'anjiang Hydrological Model Based on Mass-Energy Balance” by Yuah-Hao Fang et al.Ball, JE
2017-01-02The influence of the calibration metric on design flood estimation using continuous simulationCu, PT; Ball, JE
2017-01-01Hydrogeological reconnaissance of Sukhuma district, Champasak Province, Southern LaosVongphachanh, S; Das Gupta, A; Milne-Home, W; Ball, JE; Pavelic, P
2016-12-01Scour at partially blocked box-culverts under steady flowSorourian, S; Keshavarzi, A; Ball, JE
2016-11-28Digital Signal Processing for Fast Computation of Hydrologic VariablesBall, JE; Brady, PDM
2016-08-28Uncertainty Of Gauged Data And Its Impact On The Prediction Of Design Flood FlowsBall, JE
2016-01-01Australian Rainfall and Runoff - A Guide to Flood EstimationBall, JE; Babister, MK; Nathan, R; Weinmann, PE; Weeks, W; Retallick, M; Testoni, I; Ball, JE