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1-Aug-2018Daylighting and visual comfort of oriental sun responsive skins: A parametric analysisTabadkani, A; Banihashemi, S; Hosseini, MR
1-Apr-2018Integration of parametric design into modular coordination: A construction waste reduction workflowBanihashemi, S; Tabadkani, A; Hosseini, MR
1-Mar-2018Sustainable Delivery of Megaprojects in Iran: Integrated Model of Contextual FactorsHosseini, MR; Banihashemi, S; Martek, I; Golizadeh, H; Ghodoosi, F
1-Jan-2018Viability of the BIM Manager Enduring as a Distinct Role: Association Rule Mining of Job AdvertisementsHosseini, MR; Martek, I; Papadonikolaki, E; Sheikhkhoshkar, M; Banihashemi, S; Arashpour, M
1-Dec-2017Sustainability by Information and Communication Technology: A paradigm shift for construction projects in IranHosseini, MR; Banihashemi, S; Rameezdeen, R; Golizadeh, H; Arashpour, M; Ma, L
1-Aug-2017Critical success factors (CSFs) for integration of sustainability into construction project management practices in developing countriesBanihashemi, S; Hosseini, MR; Golizadeh, H; Sankaran, S
4-Jul-2017Ecological and Carbon Footprints-The Future for City SustainabilityDing, GKC; Banihashemi, S
3-Jul-2017Automated estimation of completion time for dam projectsGolizadeh, H; Banihashemi, S; Sadeghifam, AN; Preece, C
1-Mar-2017Developing a hybrid model of prediction and classification algorithms for building energy consumptionBanihashemi, S; Ding, G; Wang, J
1-Jan-2017Modular Coordination-based Generative Algorithm to Optimize Construction WasteBanihashemi, S; Tabadkani, A; Hosseini, MR
1-Jan-2017Developing a Hybrid Model of Prediction and Classification Algorithms for Building Energy ConsumptionBanihashemi, S; Ding, G; Wang, J