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2021Inverted Cubism or the Spatial Painting: Adolf Rading's Dr. Rabe House in Zwenkau GermanyBarnstone, D; Barnstone, D; Makela, M
2020Howard Barnstone: An Architectural Family PortraitBarnstone, D; Barnstone, R; Fox, S; Sabatino, M; Bradley, B
2019Androgyny in Oskar Schlemmer's Figural ArtBarnstone, D; Otto, E; Roessler, P
2019How Art ResistsBarnstone, D; Otto, E; Barnstone, D; Otto, E
2018-09-28Frank Lloyd Wright and Erich Mendelsohn: Development of an Aesthetic SystemBarnstone, D; Barnstone, D
2018Style Debates in Early 20th-Century German Architectural DiscourseBarnstone, D
2018The Electric Highway: Intelligent Infrastructures for Kinetic CitiesBarnstone, D; Barnstone, R; Droege, P
2017-09-29Bruno Taut and the Reformbewegung: The dissolution of the citiesBarnstone, D
2017-06-09Style debates in 1920s GermanyBarnstone, D
2017Real Utopian or Utopian Realist? Erich Mendelsohn's Multiple Passages of Exile and the Academie European Mediteranée.Barnstone, D; Dogramaci, B; Otto, E
2017Max Liebermann's Kriegszeit Lithographs: Pro-War or Anti-War?Barnstone, D
2016-12-29The Color of Innovation: Bruno Taut's Fantasy Drawings and Painted ArchitectureBarnstone, D; Margalit, D
2016-12-09Erich Mendelsohn's Passagen of Exile and the Academie European MediteraneeBarnstone, D
2016-10-02Inverted Cubism or the Spatial Painting: Adolf Rading's House Dr. Rabe in ZwenkauBarnstone, D
2016-07-04Beyond the Bauhaus: Cultural Modernity in Breslau, 1918-1933Barnstone, D
2016-06-01Reaction to the First World War: Max Liebermann and the Kriegszeit LithographsBarnstone, D
2016Seeing Double: The Doppelgänger in two interpretations of the ballet classic, The Nutcracker by John Neumeier and Marco GoeckeBarnstone, D; Barnstone, D
2016The Overlooked Trope of the DoppelgängerBarnstone, D; Barnstone, D
2015-12Bruno Taut and the First World WarBarnstone, D; Alifragkis, S; Patricios, N
2015-11-25Oskar Schlemmer's Explorations of Body, Space and ImageBarnstone, D