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2022Lessons of War: Architecture of the East Prussian Reconstruction Effort, 1914 - 1925Barnstone, DA; Sassin, E; Hochhausl, S
2021-12-30The Color of Modernism Paints, Pigments, and the Transformation of Modern Architecture in 1920s GermanyBarnstone, DA
2019-04-22In defence of Art History: The Visual Culture Turn in German StudiesBarnstone, DA
2019-03-01Forum: Visual Studies—The Art Historians’ ViewMorton, M; Maynes, E; McCloskey, B; Hartzell, F; Smith, C; Lübbren, N; Zervigón, AM; Magilow, DH; Weikop, C; Barnstone, DA
2019-03-01Freak Architecture: Classical Modernism in AustraliaBarnstone, DA; Melenhorst, M; Pottgiesser, U; Kellner, T; Jaschke, F
2018-12-06The Color of Innovation: Bruno Taut's Fantasy Drawings and Painted ArchitectureBarnstone, DA
2018-01-011.9 The Electric Highway: Intelligent Infrastructures for Kinetic CitiesBarnstone, DA; Barnstone, RV
2017-08-15The break with the past: Avant-garde architecture in Germany, 1910-1925Barnstone, DA
2016-05-03Between the Walls: the Berlin No-Man’s Land reconsideredBarnstone, DA
2015-08-31Spectacular architecture: Transparency in postwar West German parliamentsBarnstone, DA
2015-01-01Willem Marinus Dudok: The lyrical music of architectureBarnstone, DA
2014-01-01Hans Scharoun and the aftermath of the First World WarBarnstone, DA
2013-01The 1929 Breslau Werkbund Exhibition: Constructing German Identity in Architecture and Urban DesignBarnstone, D; Barnstone, DA; Haakenson, TO
2010-09-15Transparency in divided Berlin: The palace of the republicBarnstone, DA
2009-09-01Modernism Reconsidered: The Kultur-Zivilisation Dichotomy in the Work of Adolf RadingBarnstone, DA
2008-09-01Not the Bauhaus: The Breslau Academy of Art and Applied ArtsBarnstone, DA
2004-12-22The transparent state: Architecture and politics in postwar germanyBarnstone, DA