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2021-10-30Poetry meets design pedagogy in The WoW Project: Collaborations on ‘The Moving Poet’ to ‘start the conversation’Joseph, S; Drayton, D; Attfield, S; Batty, C
2021-03-01Serial offenders? Defining the boundaries of series and serial TV for screenwriting practice and theoryIanniello, M; Batty, C
2021-01-01Don’t Eat My Baby: Collisions, Development and Indigenous Consultation in the Australian Family Feature Film Screenplay, DingoLanders, R; Batty, C; Taylor, S
2020-11-01Vectors of knowledge exchange: the value of industry engagement to HASS PhDsBarnacle, R; Cuthbert, D; Schmidt, C; Batty, C
2020-01-01Student Reflections on Doctoral Learning: Challenges and BreakthroughsBatty, C; Brein, DL; Ellison, E; Owens, A
2020-01-01Conclusion to volumeBrien, DL; Batty, C; Ellison, E; Owens, A
2020-01-01Screen/writing the Beach: Conflict, Catharsis and the Character ArcBatty, C; Gauson, S; Burne, P
2020-01-01IntroductionBrien, DL; Batty, C; Ellison, E; Owens, A
2020-01-01Writing the Organizational Crisis: Embodied Leadership Engaged Through the Lens of a PlayscriptBatty, C; Conroy, CM
2020-01-01The Role of the Script Editor, RevisedBatty, C; Taylor, S
2020-01-01Vectors of Knowledge Exchange: Exploring Multi-Sector Engagement in HASS PhDsBarnacle, R; Cuthbert, D; Schmidt, C; Batty, C
2020-01-01HASS PhD graduate careers and knowledge transfer: A conduit for enduring, multi-sector networksBarnacle, R; Cuthbert, D; Schmidt, C; Batty, C
2020Mapping the emotional journey of the doctoral ‘hero’: Challenges faced and breakthroughs made by creative arts and humanities candidatesBatty, C; Ellison, E; Owens, A; Brien, D
2019-11-23Mobile Reception: Materiality and Locality with Small ScreensFrankham, B; Caines, C; Batty, C; Berry, M; Dooley, K; Frankham, B; Kerrigan, S
2019-11-23VR and Screen Education: An Approach to Assist Student Understanding of Narrative Emphasis, Spatiality and Structural Elements within Narrative VRHeyward, M; Batty, C; Berry, M; Dooley, K; Frankham, B; Kerrigan, S
2019-07-03Comedy writing as method: reflections on screenwriting in creative practice researchBatty, C; Taylor, S
2019-06-01EditorialPrice, S; Batty, C; Redvall, EN
2019-03-01The comedy web series: Reshaping Australian script development and commissioning practicesTofler, M; Batty, C; Taylor, S
2019-01-01Writing for the Screen: Creative and Critical Approaches (2nd ed.)Batty, C; Waldeback, Z
2019-01-01What could possibly go wrong?: The role of supervisors in ethics training for creative practice researchersBerry, M; Batty, C