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2023-05-31Development and Application of the Scale-Up Reflection Guide (SRG).Lee, K; Crane, M; Grunseit, A; O'Hara, B; Milat, A; Wolfenden, L; Bauman, A; van Nassau, F
2022-09-11Team characteristics associated with weight loss in a First Nations community intervention: an observational study.Bohn-Goldbaum, E; Cashmore, A; Bauman, A; Sullivan, A; Fonua, LR; Milat, A; Reid, K; Grunseit, A
2022-07Community support for policy interventions targeting unhealthy food environments in public institutions.Cranney, L; Thomas, M; Cobcroft, M; Drayton, B; Rissel, C; Bauman, A; Phongsavan, P
2022-06-25The Value of Mind-Body Connection in Physical Activity for Older People.Gilchrist, H; Haynes, A; Oliveira, JS; Grunseit, A; Sherrington, C; Bauman, A; Shepherd, R; Tiedemann, A
2022-04Trends in risk factors and management strategies used by people with type 2 diabetes in New South Wales, Australia.Cranney, L; McGill, B; Clare, PJ; Bauman, A
2022-03-04Measuring public opinion and acceptability of prevention policies: an integrative review and narrative synthesis of methods.Howse, E; Cullerton, K; Grunseit, A; Bohn-Goldbaum, E; Bauman, A; Freeman, B
2022-02-09The prevalence of loneliness across 113 countries: systematic review and meta-analysis.Surkalim, DL; Luo, M; Eres, R; Gebel, K; van Buskirk, J; Bauman, A; Ding, D
2020-12Are perceptions of government intervention for prevention different by gender and age? Results from the AUStralian Perceptions Of Prevention Survey (AUSPOPS).Howse, E; Bohn-Goldbaum, E; Freeman, B; Bauman, A; Grunseit, AC
2020-11-13Implementation and evaluation of a quality improvement initiative to reduce late gestation stillbirths in Australia: Safer Baby Bundle study protocol.Andrews, CJ; Ellwood, D; Middleton, PF; Gordon, A; Nicholl, M; Homer, CSE; Morris, J; Gardener, G; Coory, M; Davies-Tuck, M; Boyle, FM; Callander, E; Bauman, A; Flenady, VJ; Safer Baby Bundle collaborators,
2020-09-16Personal, Social, and Environmental Mediators Associated With Increased Recreational Physical Activity in Women and Girls in the Kingdom of Tonga.Keane, L; Sherry, E; Schulenkorf, N; Negin, J; Ding, D; Bauman, A; Jegasothy, E; Richards, J
2020-02Duplicate and salami publication: a prevalence study of journal policies.Ding, D; Nguyen, B; Gebel, K; Bauman, A; Bero, L
2020Intervention Scalability Assessment Tool: A decision support tool for health policy makers and implementers.Milat, A; Lee, K; Conte, K; Grunseit, A; Wolfenden, L; van Nassau5, F; Orr, N; Sreeram, P; Bauman, A
2020. “I’m Still on Track”: A qualitative exploration of participant experiences of a weight loss maintenance Program.McGill, B; O’Hara, B; Phongsavan, P; Bauman, A; Lawler, L; Grunseit, A
2020Weight change among repeat participants of an Aboriginal community-based weight loss programBohn-Goldbaum, E; Cashmore, A; Fonua, R; Milat, A; Reid, K; Shepherd, L; Bauman, A; Grunseit, A
2020The Intervention Scalability Assessment Tool: a pilot study assessing five interventions for scalabilityLee, K; Milat, A; Grunseit, A; Conte, K; Wolfenden, L; Bauman, A
2020Beyond weight loss: Impact of a weight management programme for mid-older Australians in private health insurance settingMcGill, B; Bauman, A; Phongsavan, P; Grunseit, A; Lees, D; Shepherd, L; O'Hara, BJ
2020Evidence on the reach and impact of the social physical activity phenomenon parkrun: a scoping reviewGrunseit, A; Richards, J; Reece, L; Bauman, A; Merom, D
2020Socio-demographic and health risk profile associated with participation in a private health insurance weight loss maintenance and chronic disease management program.McGil, B; O’Hara, B; Grunseit, A; Bauman, A; Lawler, L; Phongsavan, P
2020Using natural experiments to improve public health evidence: a review of context and utility for obesity prevention.Crane, M; Bohn-Goldbaum, E; Grunseit, A; Bauman, A
2020Scaling up population health interventions from decision to sustainability – a window of opportunity? A qualitative view from policy-makers.Van Nassau, F; Lee, K; Grunseit, A; Conte, K; Milat, A; Wolfenden, L; Bauman, A