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30-Jun-2019A social licence for the sharing economyBaumber, A; Scerri, M; Schweinsberg, S
1-Apr-2019Synergies between Land Degradation Neutrality goals and existing market-based instrumentsBaumber, A; Berry, E; Metternicht, G
31-Aug-2018From Importing Innovations to Co-Producing Them: Transdisciplinary Approaches to the Development of Online Land Management ToolsBaumber, A; Metternicht, G; Ampt, P; Cross, R; Berry, E
1-Aug-2018Opportunities for adaptive online collaboration to enhance rural land managementBaumber, A; Metternicht, G; Ampt, P; Cross, R; Berry, E
7-Mar-2018Building a social licence to operate for bioprocess facilities and associated land usesBaumber, A
1-Jan-2018Energy cropping and social licence: What's trust got to do with it?Baumber, A
1-Jan-2018'This country just hangs tight': Perspectives on managing land degradation and climate change in far west NSWBerry, E; Metternicht, G; Baumber, A
1-Sep-2017Enhancing seedling survival on former floodplain grazing land in the Capertee Valley, AustraliaBaumber, A; Evans, H; Turner, RJ; Merson, J; Dixon, B; Crust, D
1-Aug-2017Enhancing ecosystem services through targeted bioenergy support policiesBaumber, A
18-May-2017Restoration and market-based instrumentsBaumber, A
1-Jan-2016Bioenergy crops for ecosystem health and sustainabilityBaumber, A
1-Jun-2011The adoption of short-rotation energy cropping as a new land use option in the New South Wales Central WestBaumber, A; Merson, J; Ampt, P; Diesendorf, M