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2023-01-01Work-integrated professional learning: shifting paradigms through transdisciplinary engagementKligyte, G; Bowdler, B; Baumber, A; Pratt, S; Allen, L; Buck, A; Le Hunte, B; Melvold, J; Key, T
2022-09-28Opportunities and Barriers for Adoption of Sentinel-2 Based Agricultural Services and Products: Policy and Stakeholders' Views as InfluencersMetternicht, G; Cross, R; Perry, N; Pilon-Summons, C; Osann, A; Villodre, J; Baumber, A; D'Urso, G; De Michele, C
2022-08-10Transforming sustainability education through transdisciplinary practiceBaumber, A
2022-08-01From barriers to boundary objects: Rights of nature in AustraliaPilon-Summons, C; Pratt, S; Brown, PJ; Baumber, A
2022-04-04Waste battery disposal and recycling behavior: a study on the Australian perspective.Islam, MT; Huda, N; Baumber, A; Hossain, R; Sahajwalla, V
2022-02-01Barriers and enablers to sustainable finance: A case study of home loans in an Australian retail bankCheung, H; Baumber, A; Brown, PJ
2022-01-01Using Market-Based Instruments to Enhance Climate ResilienceBaumber, A; Metternicht, G
2022-01-01Understanding the social licence of carbon farming in the australian rangelandsBaumber, A; Cross, R; Waters, C; Metternicht, G; Kam, H
2021-11Sharing begins at home: A social licence framework for home sharing practicesBaumber, A; Schweinsberg, S; Scerri, M; Kaya, E; Sajib, S
2021-09-20A global review of consumer behavior towards e-waste and implications for the circular economyIslam, MT; Huda, N; Baumber, A; Shumon, R; Zaman, A; Ali, F; Hossain, R; Sahajwalla, V
2021-08-23Teaching Resilience: Enabling Factors for Effective Responses to COVID-19Baumber, A; Allen, L; Key, T; Kligyte, G; Melvold, J; Pratt, S
2021-01-01Promoting low-carbon tourism through adaptive regional certificationBaumber, A; Merson, J; Lockhart Smith, C
2020-07-11Using Market-Based Instruments to Enhance Climate ResilienceBaumber, A; Metternicht, G; Brears, RC
2020-05-01Understanding patterns of information sourcing and motivations to collaborate among absentee landholders: A case study of the Central Tablelands, NSWKam, H; Metternicht, G; Baumber, A; Cross, R
2020Challenges, solutions and research priorities for sustainable rangelandsNielsen, UN; Stafford-Smith, M; Metternicht, GI; Ash, A; Baumber, A; Boer, MM; Booth, S; Burnside, D; Churchill, AC; El Hassan, M; Friedel, MH; Godde, CM; Kelly, D; Kelly, M; Leys, JF; McDonald, SE; Maru, YT; Phelps, DG; Ridges, M; Simpson, G; Traill, B; Walker, B; Waters, CM; Whyte, AW
2020Carbon farming for resilient rangelands: people, paddocks and policyBaumber, A; Waters, C; Cross, R; Metternicht, G; Simpson, M
2020Using Market-Based Instruments to Enhance Climate ResilienceBaumber, A; Metternicht, G
2019-10-01Assessing resilience to underpin implementation of Land Degradation Neutrality: A case study in the rangelands of western New South Wales, AustraliaCowie, AL; Waters, CM; Garland, F; Orgill, SE; Baumber, A; Cross, R; O'Connell, D; Metternicht, G
2019-10-01Promoting co-benefits of carbon farming in Oceania: Applying and adapting approaches and metrics from existing market-based schemesBaumber, A; Metternicht, G; Cross, R; Ruoso, LE; Cowie, AL; Waters, C
2019-10-01Engaging absentee landholders in ecosystem service delivery in south-eastern AustraliaKam, H; Metternicht, G; Baumber, A; Cross, R