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2021Purification and Immune Phenotyping of B-1 Cells from Body Cavities of Mice.Yenson, V; Baumgarth, N
2019-10-01Guidelines for the use of flow cytometry and cell sorting in immunological studies (second edition)Cossarizza, A; Chang, HD; Radbruch, A; Acs, A; Adam, D; Adam-Klages, S; Agace, WW; Aghaeepour, N; Akdis, M; Allez, M; Almeida, LN; Alvisi, G; Anderson, G; Andrä, I; Annunziato, F; Anselmo, A; Bacher, P; Baldari, CT; Bari, S; Barnaba, V; Barros-Martins, J; Battistini, L; Bauer, W; Baumgart, S; Baumgarth, N; Baumjohann, D; Baying, B; Bebawy, M; Becher, B; Beisker, W; Benes, V; Beyaert, R; Blanco, A; Boardman, DA; Bogdan, C; Borger, JG; Borsellino, G; Boulais, PE; Bradford, JA; Brenner, D; Brinkman, RR; Brooks, AES; Busch, DH; Büscher, M; Bushnell, TP; Calzetti, F; Cameron, G; Cammarata, I; Cao, X; Cardell, SL; Casola, S; Cassatella, MA; Cavani, A; Celada, A; Chatenoud, L; Chattopadhyay, PK; Chow, S; Christakou, E; Čičin-Šain, L; Clerici, M; Colombo, FS; Cook, L; Cooke, A; Cooper, AM; Corbett, AJ; Cosma, A; Cosmi, L; Coulie, PG; Cumano, A; Cvetkovic, L; Dang, VD; Dang-Heine, C; Davey, MS; Davies, D; De Biasi, S; Del Zotto, G; Dela Cruz, GV; Delacher, M; Della Bella, S; Dellabona, P; Deniz, G; Dessing, M; Di Santo, JP; Diefenbach, A; Dieli, F; Dolf, A; Dörner, T; Dress, RJ; Dudziak, D; Dustin, M; Dutertre, CA; Ebner, F; Eckle, SBG; Edinger, M; Eede, P; Ehrhardt, GRA; Eich, M; Engel, P; Engelhardt, B; Erdei, A
2017-09-04Blimp-1-dependent and -independent natural antibody production by B-1 and B-1-derived plasma cells.Savage, HP; Yenson, VM; Sawhney, SS; Mousseau, BJ; Lund, FE; Baumgarth, N