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1-Nov-2017Influence of permeability-reducing admixtures on water penetration in concreteMohammadreza Hassani, E; Vessalas, K; Sirivivatnanon, V; Baweja, D
1-Jan-2016Investigation on compressive strength development and drying shrinkage of ambient cured powder-activated geopolymer concretesNeupane, K; Kidd, P; Chalmers, D; Baweja, D; Shrestha, R
2014Effect Of Chemical Admixtures On Water Penetration Of ConcreteHassani Esgandani, M; Vessalas, K; Baweja, D; Schmidt, Z; Bjegović, D; Beushausen, H; Serdar, M
2014The compressive strength of mortar made with cement containing limestone mineral addition, cement kiln dust and flyBaweja, D; Benn, BT; Mills, JE; Smith, ST
2014The influence of increased levels of limestone mineral addition used in combination with cement kiln dust on chloride ion penetrationBenn, BT; Baweja, D; Mills, JE
Jan-2013Mechanical Properties of Geopolymer Concrete: Applicability of Relationships Defined by AS 3600Shrestha, R; Baweja, D; Neupane, K; Chalmers, D; Sleep, P; Dao, DV; Dux, EPP
Jan-2013Assessment of watertight concrete and role of chemical admixturesHassani Esgandani, M; Vessalas, K; Baweja, D; Schmidt, Z; Dao, V; Dux, P
1-Apr-2012Estimating early-age in situ strength development of concrete slabsSofi, M; Mendis, PA; Baweja, D
1-Dec-2011Early age concrete creep: Using model B3 predictionSofi, M; Zhang, L; Mendis, PA; Baweja, D
1-Dec-2011Anchorage zones behaviour of early age concrete: Application to post-tensioned membersSofi, M; Mendis, PA; Baweja, D; Elvira, E
Jan-2011Bond performance of strand and wire in early age concreteSofi, M; Mendis, P; Baweja, D; Elvira, E; Khrapko, M; Wallevik, O
Jan-2011Optimising precast bridge girders for sustainability with the use of high performance concreteJenkins, D; McCarthy, LM; Baweja, D; Khrapko, M; Wallevik, O
1-Jan-2008Influence of vehicular positions and thermal effects on structural behaviour of concrete pavementDarestani, MY; Thambiratnam, DP; Nataatmadja, A; Baweja, D