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2022-02-02Developing Novel Fabrication and Optimisation Strategies on Aggregation-Induced Emission Nanoprobe/Polyvinyl Alcohol Hydrogels for Bio-Applications.Tavakoli, J; Shrestha, J; Bazaz, SR; Rad, MA; Warkiani, ME; Raston, CL; Tipper, JL; Tang, Y
2022Advances and enabling technologies for phase-specific cell cycle synchronisationBordhan, P; Bazaz, SR; Jin, D; Warkiani, ME
2021-08-01An Efficient Graphene Quantum Dots-Based Electrochemical Cytosensor for the Sensitive Recognition of CD123 in Acute Myeloid Leukemia CellsSoleimanian, A; Khalilzadeh, B; Mahdipour, M; Aref, AR; Kalbasi, A; Bazaz, SR; Warkiani, ME; Rashidi, MR; Mahdavi, M
2021-04-12A microfluidic approach to rapid sperm recovery from heterogeneous cell suspensionsVasilescu, SA; Khorsandi, S; Ding, L; Bazaz, SR; Nosrati, R; Gook, D; Warkiani, ME
2021-04-01The effects of baffle configuration and number on inertial mixing in a curved serpentine micromixer: Experimental and numerical studyAhmadi, VE; Butun, I; Altay, R; Bazaz, SR; Alijani, H; Celik, S; Warkiani, ME; Koşar, A
2021-03-01The role of 3D printing in the fight against COVID-19 outbreakRadfar, P; Bazaz, SR; Mirakhorli, F; Warkiani, ME
2021The Effects of COVID-19 on the Placenta During Pregnancy.Rad, HS; Röhl, J; Stylianou, N; Allenby, MC; Bazaz, SR; Warkiani, ME; Guimaraes, FSF; Clifton, VL; Kulasinghe, A
2020-12-31Biological diagnosis based on microfluidics and nanotechnologyKashaninejad, N; Yaghoobi, M; Pourhassan-Moghaddam, M; Bazaz, SR; Jin, D; Warkiani, ME
2020-09-013D printing enables the rapid prototyping of modular microfluidic devices for particle conjugationVasilescu, SA; Bazaz, SR; Jin, D; Shimoni, O; Warkiani, ME
2020-01-01Rapid and label-free isolation of tumour cells from the urine of patients with localised prostate cancer using inertial microfluidicsRzhevskiy, AS; Bazaz, SR; Ding, L; Kapitannikova, A; Sayyadi, N; Campbell, D; Walsh, B; Gillatt, D; Warkiani, ME; Zvyagin, AV
2020-01The evolving landscape of predictive biomarkers in immuno-oncology with a focus on spatial technologies.Sadeghi Rad, H; Bazaz, SR; Monkman, J; Ebrahimi Warkiani, M; Rezaei, N; O'Byrne, K; Kulasinghe, A
2018-11-01Hydrogels Based on Cellulose and its Derivatives: Applications, Synthesis, and CharacteristicsGhorbani, S; Eyni, H; Bazaz, SR; Nazari, H; Asl, LS; Zaferani, H; Kiani, V; Mehrizi, AA; Soleimani, M
2018-02-01Size-controlled droplet generation in a microfluidic device for rare DNA amplification by optimizing its effective parametersLashkaripour, A; Mehrizi, AA; Goharimanesh, M; Rasouli, M; Bazaz, SR
2018-02Estimation of the optimum number and location of nanoparticle injections and the specific loss power for ideal hyperthermia.Boroon, MP; Ayani, M-B; Bazaz, SR
2018-01-01A hybrid micromixer with planar mixing unitsBazaz, SR; Mehrizi, AA; Ghorbani, S; Vasilescu, S; Asadnia, M; Warkiani, ME