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2023-10-25Mitotic Dysregulation at Tumor Initiation Creates a Therapeutic Vulnerability to Combination Anti-Mitotic and Pro-Apoptotic Agents for MYCN-Driven Neuroblastoma.Zhai, L; Balachandran, A; Larkin, R; Seneviratne, JA; Chung, SA; Lalwani, A; Tsubota, S; Beck, D; Kadomatsu, K; Beckers, A; Durink, K; De Preter, K; Speleman, F; Haber, M; Norris, MD; Swarbrick, A; Cheung, BB; Marshall, GM; Carter, DR
2023-03Rhometa: Population recombination rate estimation from metagenomic read datasets.Krishnan, S; DeMaere, MZ; Beck, D; Ostrowski, M; Seymour, JR; Darling, AE; Didelot, X
2023-023D bioprinted alginate-gelatin hydrogel patches containing cardiac spheroids recover heart function in a mouse model of myocardial infarctionRoche, CD; Lin, H; Huang, Y; de Bock, CE; Beck, D; Xue, M; Gentile, C
2022-08-05Rhometa: Population recombination rate estimation from metagenomic read datasetsKrishnan, S; DeMaere, M; Beck, D; Ostrowski, M; Seymour, J; Darling, A
2022-08Mesoderm-derived PDGFRA+ cells regulate the emergence of hematopoietic stem cells in the dorsal aorta.Chandrakanthan, V; Rorimpandey, P; Zanini, F; Chacon, D; Olivier, J; Joshi, S; Kang, YC; Knezevic, K; Huang, Y; Qiao, Q; Oliver, RA; Unnikrishnan, A; Carter, DR; Lee, B; Brownlee, C; Power, C; Brink, R; Mendez-Ferrer, S; Enikolopov, G; Walsh, W; Göttgens, B; Taoudi, S; Beck, D; Pimanda, JE
2022-01-24Biofabrication of advancedin vitro3D models to study ischaemic and doxorubicin-induced myocardial damage.Sharma, P; Liu Chung Ming, C; Wang, X; Bienvenu, LA; Beck, D; Figtree, G; Boyle, A; Gentile, C
2022Fibulin-3 Deficiency Protects Against Myocardial Injury Following Ischaemia/ Reperfusion in in vitro Cardiac Spheroids.Sharma, P; Beck, D; Murtha, LA; Figtree, G; Boyle, A; Gentile, C
2021-06-01Disruption of a GATA2, TAL1, ERG regulatory circuit promotes erythroid transition in healthy and leukemic stem cells.Thoms, JAI; Truong, P; Subramanian, S; Knezevic, K; Harvey, G; Huang, Y; Seneviratne, JA; Carter, DR; Joshi, S; Skhinas, J; Chacon, D; Shah, A; de Jong, I; Beck, D; Gottgens, B; Larsson, J; Wong, JWH; Zanini, F; Pimanda, JE
2021-01-13Induction of muscle-regenerative multipotent stem cells from human adipocytes by PDGF-AB and 5-azacytidineYeola, A; Subramanian, S; Oliver, RA; Lucas, CA; Thoms, JAI; Yan, F; Olivier, J; Chacon, D; Tursky, ML; Srivastava, P; Potas, JR; Hung, T; Power, C; Hardy, P; D., D; Kilian, KA; McCarroll, J; Kavallaris, M; Hesson, LB; Beck, D; Curtis, DJ; Wong, JWH; Hardeman, EC; Walsh, WR; Mobbs, R; Chandrakanthan, V; Pimanda, JE
2020-12Shwachman-Bodian-Diamond syndrome (SBDS) protein is a direct inhibitor of protein phosphatase 2A (PP2A) activity and overexpressed in acute myeloid leukaemia.Dun, MD; Mannan, A; Rigby, CJ; Butler, S; Toop, HD; Beck, D; Connerty, P; Sillar, J; Kahl, RGS; Duchatel, RJ; Germon, Z; Faulkner, S; Chi, M; Skerrett-Byrne, D; Murray, HC; Flanagan, H; Almazi, JG; Hondermarck, H; Nixon, B; De Iuliis, G; Chamberlain, J; Alvaro, F; de Bock, CE; Morris, JC; Enjeti, AK; Verrills, NM
2020-08The EMT modulator SNAI1 contributes to AML pathogenesis via its interaction with LSD1.Carmichael, CL; Wang, J; Nguyen, T; Kolawole, O; Benyoucef, A; De Mazière, C; Milne, AR; Samuel, S; Gillinder, K; Hediyeh-Zadeh, S; Vo, ANQ; Huang, Y; Knezevic, K; McInnes, WRL; Shields, BJ; Mitchell, H; Ritchie, ME; Lammens, T; Lintermans, B; Van Vlierberghe, P; Wong, NC; Haigh, K; Thoms, JAI; Toulmin, E; Curtis, DJ; Oxley, EP; Dickins, RA; Beck, D; Perkins, A; McCormack, MP; Davis, MJ; Berx, G; Zuber, J; Pimanda, JE; Kile, BT; Goossens, S; Haigh, JJ
2020-08Targeting RSPO3-LGR4 Signaling for Leukemia Stem Cell Eradication in Acute Myeloid Leukemia.Salik, B; Yi, H; Hassan, N; Santiappillai, N; Vick, B; Connerty, P; Duly, A; Trahair, T; Woo, AJ; Beck, D; Liu, T; Spiekermann, K; Jeremias, I; Wang, J; Kavallaris, M; Haber, M; Norris, MD; Liebermann, DA; D'Andrea, RJ; Murriel, C; Wang, JY
2020-06-24Virtual Agents in Teaching: A Study of Human AspectsJha, M; Richards, D; Porte, M; Atif, A; Economou, D; Klippel, A; Dodds, H; Peña-Rios, A; Lee, M; Beck, D; Pirker, J; Dengel, A; T, P; Jonathan, R
2019-12-09A Menin-MLL Inhibitor Induces Specific Chromatin Changes and Eradicates Disease in Models of MLL-Rearranged LeukemiaKrivtsov, AV; Evans, K; Gadrey, JY; Eschle, BK; Hatton, C; Uckelmann, HJ; Ross, KN; Perner, F; Olsen, SN; Pritchard, T; McDermott, L; Jones, CD; Jing, D; Braytee, A; Chacon, D; Earley, E; McKeever, BM; Claremon, D; Gifford, AJ; Lee, HJ; Teicher, BA; Pimanda, JE; Beck, D; Perry, JA; Smith, MA; McGeehan, GM; Lock, RB; Armstrong, SA
2019-12-01Transcriptional networks in acute myeloid leukemiaThoms, JAI; Beck, D; Pimanda, JE
2019-11-13Prospective Identification of Acute Myeloid Leukemia Patients Who Benefit from Gene-Expression Based Risk StratificationChacon, D; Braytee, A; Huang, Y; Thoms, J; Subramanian, S; Sauerland, MC; Bohlander, SK; Braess, J; Woermann, BJ; Berdel, WE; Hiddemann, W; Gabrys, B; Metzeler, KH; Herold, T; Pimanda, J; Beck, D
2019-11-01Ancestry informative markers (AIMs) for Korean and other East Asian and South East Asian populationsJung, JY; Kang, PW; Kim, E; Chacon, D; Beck, D; McNevin, D
2019-09-05Shared roles for Scl and Lyl1 in murine platelet production and functionChiu, SK; Orive, SL; Moon, MJ; Saw, J; Ellis, S; Kile, BT; Huang, Y; Chacon, D; Pimanda, JE; Beck, D; Hamilton, JR; Tremblay, CS; Curtis, DJ
2019-06-15RAB27A promotes melanoma cell invasion and metastasis via regulation of pro-invasive exosomesGuo, D; Lui, GYL; Lai, SL; Wilmott, JS; Tikoo, S; Jackett, LA; Quek, C; Brown, DL; Sharp, DM; Kwan, RYQ; Chacon, D; Wong, JH; Beck, D; van Geldermalsen, M; Holst, J; Thompson, JF; Mann, GJ; Scolyer, RA; Stow, JL; Weninger, W; Haass, NK; Beaumont, KA
2019-02-26HMGA2 promotes long-term engraftment and myeloerythroid differentiation of human hematopoietic stem and progenitor cellsKumar, P; Beck, D; Galeev, R; Thoms, JAI; Talkhoncheh, MS; de Jong, I; Unnikrishnan, A; Baudet, A; Subramaniam, A; Pimanda, JE; Larsson, J