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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
13-Apr-2017Indigenous Self-Determination Within the Justice ContextPorter, AJ; Behrendt, LY; Vivian, A
29-Sep-20162002: Power from the People: A Community- based Approach to Indigenous Self-determinationBehrendt, LY; Esmaeili, H; Worby, G; Tur, S
1-Sep-2016The Semantics of GenocideBehrendt, LY; Moreton-Robinson, A
1-Jun-2015The Things you Shouldn't Say to an Aboriginal PersonBehrendt, LY; Nelson, C; Pike, D; Ledvinka, G
1-Jun-2015Magna Carta and Indigenous RightsBehrendt, LY
2015The Dialogue of InterventionBehrendt, LY; Scott, R; Heiss, A
Jan-2013Beyond Symbolism:Indigenous Peoples In An Australian RepublicBehrendt, LY; Jones, BT; McKenna, M
Jan-2012Review of Higher Education Access and Outcomes for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People: Final ReportBehrendt, LY; Larkin, S; Griew, R; Kelly, P
Jan-2012Avoiding An Era Of Symbolism In Indigenous AffairsBehrendt, LY; Lowenstein, A; Sparrow, J
Jan-2011An Introduction to Global Perspectives on Social Justice and Human RightsBehrendt, LY; Deborah Barnes
Jan-2011Criminal JusticeBehrendt, LY; Cadzow, AJ; Deborah Barnes
Jan-2010Closing the Evidence GapBehrendt, LY; Davis, M; Lyons, M
Jan-2010Indigenous self-determination and the Charter of Human Rights and Responsibilities - a framework for discussionBehrendt, LY; Vivian, AM
Jan-2010Back to the Future for Indigenous AustraliaBehrendt, LY; Dyrenfurth, N; Soutphommasane, T
Jan-2010The Doctrine of Discovery in AustraliaBehrendt, LY; Press, OU
Jan-2010Asserting the Doctrine of Discovery in AustraliaBehrendt, LY; Press, OU
Jan-2010Indigenous Affairs Post-ATSICBehrendt, LY; Andrew Gunstone
Jan-2009As good as it gets or as good as it could be?: benchmarking human rights in Australia [Friedlich Foundation Alice Tay Memorial Lecture on Law and Human Rights 2006 on 18 May 2006 at Old Parliament House, Australian National University.]Behrendt, LY
Jan-2009LegacyBehrendt, LY
Jan-2009Something for Nothing? Aboriginal Property Rights and Nationalist MythsBehrendt, LY; Attwood, B; Griffiths, T