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7-Feb-2018The Impact of the October 2017 Las Vegas Massacre on Global Approaches to Hotel SecurityBeirman, D
17-Jan-2018Collaborative Approaches to Government Travel Advisories in Australia between Australia's Travel Industry Leadership and the Australian Depertment of Foriegn Affairs and Trade 2003-2017Beirman, D
2018Tourism Crisis and Safety ManagementBeirman, D; Cooper, C; Volo, S; Gartner, W; Scott, N
30-Nov-2017Bali tourism and the Mt Agung volcano:Quick dollars or long term reputationBeirman, D
25-Oct-2017Restoring Tourism Destinations in CrisisBeirman, D
2-Oct-2017Socially sustainable ethnic tourism: a comparative study of two Hakka communities in ChinaZhuang, L; Taylor, T; Beirman, D; Darcy, S
14-Jun-2017Tourism Crisis ManagementBeirman, D
9-May-2017Countering Terrorism Targeting Tourism-Policy and Strategic ApproachesBeirman, D
15-Feb-2017The Impact of the Death of Thailand's King Bhumibol on Tourism Marketing of ThailandBeirman, D
20-Jan-2017Australia needs to invest if it wants the tourism boom to continueBeirman, D
2017Marketing the Middle East in Times of Political Instability- The Case of jordanBeirman, D; Almuhrzi, H; Alriyami, H; Scott, N
31-Oct-2016Dreamworld owner Ardent Leisure needs a lesson in managing a crisisBeirman, D
1-Sep-2016Guest EditorialBeirman, D; Walters, G; Beirman, D
22-Aug-2016Will bombs burst Thailand's tourism bubble?Beirman, D
17-Jun-2016Risk, Crisis and Recovery Management Guide for Tourism, Hospitality, Event Businesses and Associations in AustraliaBeirman, D
9-Mar-2016Challenging Times for Thai TourismBeirman, D
9-Mar-2016Tourism Risk, Crisis and Recovery Management Guide (for Tour Wholesalers)Beirman, D
11-Feb-2016A Collaborative Strategic Approach to Tourism Recovery in Nepal Following the April 25, 2015 EarthquakeBeirman, D
2-Jan-2016Safety and security in tourism – recovery marketing after crisesBeirman, D
22-Jun-2015The PATA Nepal Tourism Rapid Recovery Taskforce Report and RecommendationsBeirman, D; Van Walbeek, B; Jones, A