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1-Apr-2019Identifying transient and variable sources in radio imagesRowlinson, A; Stewart, AJ; Broderick, JW; Swinbank, JD; Wijers, RAMJ; Carbone, D; Cendes, Y; Fender, R; van der Horst, A; Molenaar, G; Scheers, B; Staley, T; Farrell, S; Grießmeier, JM; Bell, M; Eislöffel, J; Law, CJ; van Leeuwen, J; Zarka, P
1-Aug-2018A pilot survey for transients and variables with the Australian Square Kilometre Array PathfinderBhandari, S; Bannister, KW; Murphy, T; Bell, M; Raja, W; Marvil, J; Hancock, PJ; Whiting, M; Flynn, CM; Collier, JD; Kaplan, DL; Allison, JR; Anderson, C; Heywood, I; Hotan, A; Hunstead, R; Lee-Waddell, K; Madrid, JP; McConnell, D; Popping, A; Rhee, J; Sadler, E; Voronkov, MA
11-Jun-2018SMSS J130522.47-293113.0: A high-latitude stellar X-ray source with pc-scale outflow relics?Da Costa, GS; Soria, R; Farrell, SA; Bayliss, D; Bessell, MS; Vogt, FPA; Zhou, G; Points, SD; Beers, TC; López-Sańchez, AR; Bannister, KW; Bell, M; Hancock, PJ; Burlon, D; Gaensler, BM; Sadler, EM; Tingay, S; Keller, SC; Schmidt, BP; Tisserand, P
20-May-2017The Detection of an Extremely Bright Fast Radio Burst in a Phased Array Feed SurveyBannister, KW; Shannon, RM; Macquart, JP; Flynn, C; Edwards, PG; O'Neill, M; Osłowski, S; Bailes, M; Zackay, B; Clarke, N; D'Addario, LR; Dodson, R; Hall, PJ; Jameson, A; Jones, D; Navarro, R; Trinh, JT; Allison, J; Anderson, CS; Bell, M; Chippendale, AP; Collier, JD; Heald, G; Heywood, I; Hotan, AW; Lee-Waddell, K; Madrid, JP; Marvil, J; McConnell, D; Popping, A; Voronkov, MA; Whiting, MT; Allen, GR; Bock, DCJ; Brodrick, DP; Cooray, F; Deboer, DR; Diamond, PJ; Ekers, R; Gough, RG; Hampson, GA; Harvey-Smith, L; Hay, SG; Hayman, DB; Jackson, CA; Johnston, S; Koribalski, BS; McClure-Griffiths, NM; Mirtschin, P; Ng, A; Norris, RP; Pearce, SE; Phillips, CJ; Roxby, DN; Troup, ER; Westmeier, T
7-Aug-2016Framing and dominant metaphors in the coverage of North Korea in the Australian mediaDalton, B; Jung, K; Willis, J; Bell, M
17-May-2016A large-scale, low-frequency murchison widefield array survey of galactic H II regions between 260 < l < 340Hindson, L; Johnston-Hollitt, M; Hurley-Walker, N; Callingham, JR; Su, H; Morgan, J; Bell, M; Bernardi, G; Bowman, JD; Briggs, F; Cappallo, RJ; Deshpande, AA; Dwarakanath, KS; For, BQ; Gaensler, BM; Greenhill, LJ; Hancock, P; Hazelton, BJ; Kapinska, AD; Kaplan, DL; Lenc, E; Lonsdale, CJ; Mckinley, B; McWhirter, SR; Mitchell, DA; Morales, MF; Morgan, E; Oberoi, D; Offringa, A; Ord, SM; Procopio, P; Prabu, T; Udaya Shankar, N; Srivani, KS; Staveley-Smith, L; Subrahmanyan, R; Tingay, SJ; Wayth, RB; Webster, RL; Williams, A; Williams, CL; Wu, C; Zheng, Q
1-Sep-2011Grappling with cultural differences; Communication between oncologists and immigrant cancer patients with and without interpretersButow, P; Bell, M; Goldstein, D; Sze, M; Aldridge, L; Abdo, S; Mikhail, M; Dong, S; Iedema, R; Ashgari, R; Hui, R; Eisenbruch, M
15-Jul-2011Methods for the enhancement of fingermarks in bloodBossers, LCAM; Roux, C; Bell, M; McDonagh, AM
1-Aug-2004Engaging in the future of e-learning: A scenarios-based approachBell, M; Martin, G; Clarke, T