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2022-08-01Tolerance of wolves shapes desert canid communities in the Middle EastBonsen, GT; Wallach, AD; Ben-Ami, D; Keynan, O; Khalilieh, A; Shanas, U; Wooster, EIF; Ramp, D
2020-03-07Recognizing animal personhood in compassionate conservationWallach, AD; Batavia, C; Bekoff, M; Alexander, S; Baker, L; Ben-Ami, D; Boronyak, L; Cardilini, APA; Carmel, Y; Celermajer, D; Coghlan, S; Dahdal, Y; Gomez, JJ; Kaplan, G; Keynan, O; Khalilieh, A; Kopnina, H; Lynn, WS; Narayanan, Y; Riley, S; Santiago-Ávila, FJ; Yanco, E; Zemanova, MA; Ramp, D
2015-07-08Kanganomics: a socio-economic assessment of the commercial kangaroo industryBoronyak, LJ; Ben-Ami, D; Ramp, D
2014-02-01The welfare ethics of the commercial killing of free-ranging kangaroos: An evaluation of the benefits and costs of the industryBen-Ami, D; Boom, K; Boronyak, L; Townend, C; Ramp, D; Croft, DB; Bekoff, M
2013-11-20Impact of roadside habitat on swamp wallaby movement and fitnessBen-Ami, D; Ramp, D
2013-01The role of inspections in the commercial kangaroo industryBoom, K; Ben-Ami, D; Boronyak, LJ; Riley, S
2013-01Compassionate conservation: a paradigm shift for wildlife management in AustralasiaRamp, D; Ben-Ami, D; Boom, K; Croft, DB; Marc Bekoff
2013-01Kangaroos at a crossroads: Environmental law and the kangaroo industryBoom, K; Ben-Ami, D
2012-01'Pest' and resource: A legal history of Australia's kangaroosBoom, K; Ben-Ami, D; Croft, DB; Cushing, N; Ramp, D; Boronyak, LJ
2010-03-11Survival behaviour of swamp wallabies during prescribed burning and wildfireGarvey, N; Ben-Ami, D; Ramp, D; Croft, DB
2010-01Advocating kangaroo meat: towards ecological benefit or plunder?Ben-Ami, D; Croft, DB; Ramp, D; Boom, K
2010-01Shooting our wildlife: an analysis of the law and policy governing the killing of kangaroosBoom, K; Ben-Ami, D
2006-12-01The effect of road-based fatalities on the viability of a peri-urban swamp wallaby populationRamp, D; Ben-Ami, D