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2023-12-01Investigation of the crystallinity change after the addition of magnesium hydroxides into the calcium phosphate during mechanochemical synthesis: an FTIR spectroscopy, XRD analysis, chemometrics, and cell cultureOtsuka, Y; Sasaki, D; Kusamori, K; Nishikawa, M; Ben-Nissan, B
2023-12-01Effects of temperature and pH on the synthesis of nanohydroxyapatite powders by chemical precipitationMahmutoglu, G; Topsakal, A; Altan, E; Kuskonmaz, N; Daglilar, S; Oktar, FN; Erdemir, G; Kuruca, SE; Akyol, S; Gunduz, O; Ben-Nissan, B
2023-12-01Mechanochemical synthesis and characterization of strontium substituted apatite for biomedical applicationOtsuka, Y; Ben-Nissan, B; Kono, H; Sasaki, T; Kikuchi, M
2022-12In vitro testing and efficacy of poly-lactic acid coating incorporating antibiotic loaded coralline bioceramic on Ti6Al4V implant against Staphylococcus aureus.Karacan, I; Ben-Nissan, B; Santos, J; Yiu, S; Bradbury, P; Valenzuela, SM; Chou, J
2022-11-11Exosome Structures Supported by Machine Learning Can Be Used as a Promising Diagnostic Tool.Cansever Mutlu, E; Kaya, M; Küçük, I; Ben-Nissan, B; Stamboulis, A
2022-10-19Bio-Activation of HA/β-TCP Porous Scaffolds by High-Pressure CO2 Surface Remodeling: A Novel "Coating-from" Approach.Aubry, C; Drouet, C; Azaïs, T; Kim, H-J; Oh, J-M; Karacan, I; Chou, J; Ben-Nissan, B; Camy, S; Cazalbou, S
2022-04-01Synthesis and cytotoxicity analysis of porous β-TCP/starch bioceramicsTuran, Y; Kalkandelen, C; Palaci, Y; Sahin, A; Gokce, H; Gunduz, O; Ben-Nissan, B
2022-01-01Stem Cells and Proteomics in Biomaterials and Biomedical ApplicationsKaracan, I; Milthorpe, B; Ben-Nissan, B; Santos, J
2022-01-01Natural and Synthetic Intelligent Self-healing and Adaptive Materials for Medical and Engineering ApplicationsBen-Nissan, B; Choi, G; Choi, AH; Karacan, I; Evans, L
2022-01-01Past and Future of Wound Dressing in Soft and Hard Tissue SurgeryMacha, IJ; Ben-Nissan, B
2021-09Synthetic tissue engineering with smart, cytomimetic protocells.Green, DW; Watson, JA; Ben-Nissan, B; Watson, GS; Stamboulis, A
2021-04-19Modifying an Implant: A Mini-review of Dental Implant BiomaterialsSemisch-Dieter, OK; Choi, AH; Ben-Nissan, B; Stewart, MP
2021-04-01The synthesis of hydroxyapatite from artificially grown Red Sea hydrozoan coral for antimicrobacterial drug delivery system applicationsKaracan, I; Cox, N; Dowd, A; Vago, R; Milthorpe, B; Cazalbou, S; Ben-Nissan, B
2020-09-01A review: Recent advances in sol-gel-derived hydroxyapatite nanocoatings for clinical applicationsChoi, G; Choi, AH; Evans, LA; Akyol, S; Ben-Nissan, B
2020-08Specifiable biomimetic microsponges for timed release of crystal entrapped biomolecules useful in bone repair.Green, DW; Green, DW; Stamboulis, A; Ben-Nissan, B
2019-12-01Conversion of snail shells (Achatina achatina) acclimatized in Benin to calcium phosphate for medical and engineering useBonou, SAS; Sagbo, E; Aubry, C; Charvillat, C; Ben-Nissan, B; Cazalbou, S
2019-11-01Mechanical testing of antimicrobial biocomposite coating on metallic medical implants as drug delivery systemKaracan, I; Ben-Nissan, B; Wang, HA; Juritza, A; Swain, MV; Müller, WH; Chou, J; Stamboulis, A; Macha, IJ; Taraschi, V
2019-08-14Calcified Algae for Tissue Engineering.Choi, G; Evans, L; Choi, A; Ben-Nissan, B
2019-01-01Drug delivery from polymer-based nanopharmaceuticals-an experimental study complemented by simulations of selected diffusion processesMacha, IJ; Ben-Nissan, B; Vilchevskaya, EN; Morozova, AS; Abali, BE; Müller, WH; Rickert, W
2019-01-01Drug Delivery from Polymer-Based Nanopharmaceuticals—Simulations of Selected Diffusion ProcessesRickert, W; Morozova, A; Müller, WH; Vilchevskaya, EN; Ben-Nissan, B; Macha, I