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2022-01-31The Architecture of the Counter measureReinmuth, G; Benjamin, A
2021-11-01The Garden’s Complex Instrumentality.Reinmuth, G; Benjamin, A; Kucan, A; Kurir, M
2021-01-01Sørensen’s Bataille: Notes on the ‘apolitical’Benjamin, A
2020-09-01Solidarity, populism and COVID-19: Working notesBenjamin, A
2020-01-01Potentially, relationality and the problem of actualisationBenjamin, A
2020-01-01Autonomy-within-relationality: An alternative for architecture after the Global Financial CrisisReinmuth, G; Benjamin, A
2019-06-04Doubt and Indifference: Threshold Conditions within the Work of ArtBenjamin, A
2019-06Questions about InstrumentsReinmuth, G; Benjamin, A; Mackenzie, A
2019-01-01"In an Unbounded Way": After Kant on GeniusBenjamin, A
2019On Third SpaceBenjamin, A
2018-01-01Redressing the metaphysics of nudity: Notes on Seneca, Arendt, and DignityBenjamin, A
2017-09-01Inexhaustibility at the outset: Notes on Hamacher and philologyBenjamin, A
2017-07-03The World in Ruins: Heidegger, Poussin, KieferBenjamin, A
2017-05-27Oikonomia, Incarnation and Immediacy: The Figure of the Jew in St John of DamascusBenjamin, A
2017-03-01The ends of negation: Cutrofello's hamletBenjamin, A
2017-01-01Recovering anoriginal relationalityBenjamin, A
2017-01-01Two forms of gesture: Notes on Aby Warburg and Walter BenjaminBenjamin, A
2016-01-01The problem of authority in arendt and AristotleBenjamin, A
2014-07-04Introduction: Drawing todayBenjamin, A; Luscombe, D
2013-11-01Working with Walter Benjamin: Recovering a political philosophyBenjamin, A