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1-Jan-2019"In an Unbounded Way": After Kant on GeniusBenjamin, A
1-Jan-2018Redressing the metaphysics of nudity: Notes on Seneca, Arendt, and DignityBenjamin, A
1-Sep-2017Inexhaustibility at the outset: Notes on Hamacher and philologyBenjamin, A
3-Jul-2017The World in Ruins: Heidegger, Poussin, KieferBenjamin, A
27-May-2017Oikonomia, Incarnation and Immediacy: The Figure of the Jew in St John of DamascusBenjamin, A
1-Mar-2017The ends of negation: Cutrofello's hamletBenjamin, A
1-Jan-2017Two forms of gesture: Notes on Aby Warburg and Walter BenjaminBenjamin, A
1-Jan-2017Recovering anoriginal relationalityBenjamin, A
4-Jul-2014Introduction: Drawing todayBenjamin, A; Luscombe, D
1-Nov-2013Working with Walter Benjamin: Recovering a political philosophyBenjamin, A
27-Nov-2012Matter and movement's presence: Notes on Heidegger, Francesco Mosca, and BerniniBenjamin, A
1-Nov-2012Towards an affective structure of subjectivity. Notes on kant's an answer to the question: What is the enlightenment?Benjamin, A
1-Jan-2012Economies of suffering: Kierkegaard and levinasBenjamin, A; Cuff Snow, S
1-Jan-2011The 20-Kilometer University: Knowledge as InfrastructurePhillips, J; Benjamin, A; Bishop, R; Shiqiao, L; Lorenz, E; Xiaodu, L; Yan, M
8-Apr-2010Of Jews and AnimalsBenjamin, A
1-Jan-2007What if the other were an animal? Hegel on jews, animals and diseaseBenjamin, A
2007What if the Other were an Animal? Hegel on Jews, Animals and DiseaseBenjamin, A
1-Dec-2006Commonality and human being: Working through HeraclitusBenjamin, A
Jan-2006Benjamin's Style: The Style That Is Not JugendstilBenjamin, AE; Benjamin, A
Jan-2006In What Style Should We Build? The Style of Cosmopolitan ArchitectureBenjamin, AE; Benjamin, A