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1-Jan-2017Drivers of ChangeBenn, SH; Alas, G; Ingley, C
14-Jul-2016Synthesising environmental and socio-economic sustainability models: a multi-level approach for advancing integrated sustainability research and practiceStarik, M; Stubbs, W; Benn, SH
2016The Language of Collaboration: NGOs and Corporations Working TogetherVan Leeuwen, T; Tann, K; Benn, SH; de Silva Joyce, H
23-Apr-2015Changing Directions in Business EducationBenn, SH; Angus-Leppan; Edwards, M; Brown, PJ; White, S
13-Apr-2015Employee Participation and Engagement in Working for the EnvironmentBenn, SH; Teo, S; Martin, A
1-Mar-2015Changing Directions in Business Education: Knowledge Sharing for SustainabilityBenn, SH; Angus-Leppan; Edwards, M; Brown, PJ; White, S
2015Organising for Ecological Repair: Reconstructing Land Management PracticePerey, R; Benn, SH
Jan-2014Conceptualising the adoption of sustainable procurement: an institutional theory perspectiveGrob, SM; Benn, SH
Jan-2014Towards Responsible Steel: Preliminary InsightsBenn, SH; Giurco, D; Brown, PJ; Agarwal, R
Jan-2013Leadership for sustainable futuresDunphy, DC; Benn, SH; By, RT; Burnes, B
Jan-2013Boundary objects, HRM tools and change for sustainabilityBenn, SH; Rusinko, CA; Malcolm McIntosh
Jan-2013Leadership for Sustainability: An Evolution of Leadership Ability.Metcalf, L; Benn, SH
Jan-2013Organizational Learning And The Sustainability Community Of Practice: The Role Of Boundary ObjectsBenn, SH; Edwards, M; Angus-Leppan, T
Jan-2012The Routledge Companion to Organizational ChangeBenn, SH; Kearins, K; Boje, D; Burnes, B; Hassard, J
Jan-2012Governance for Sustainability: Challenges for Theory and PracticeBenn, SH; Clarke, T; Branson, D
Jan-2012Sustainability and organizational changeBenn, SH; Kearins, K; Boje, DM; Burnes, B; Hassard, J
Jan-2012A Proposed Model for Evaluating the Sustainability of Continuous Change ProgrammesBronnmark, M; Benn, SH
Jan-2012The Corporation is Ailing Social Technology: Creating a 'Fit for Purpose' Design for SustainabilityMetcalf, L; Benn, SH
1-Jan-2011PrefaceBenn, SH; Dunphy, D; Perrott, B; Benn, S; Dunphy, D; Perrott, B
1-Jan-2011PrefaceBenn, SH; Dunphy, DC; Perrott, B; Benn, S; Dunphy, D; Perrott, B