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2021-11Assessing the life cycle cumulative energy demand and greenhouse gas emissions of lithium-ion batteriesZhao, E; Walker, PD; Surawski, NC; Bennett, NS
2021-06Cooling silicon photovoltaic cells using finned heat sinks and the effect of inclination angleJohnston, E; Szabo, PSB; Bennett, NS
2021-04-20In-situ resource utilisation manufacturing of optically transparent glass from lunar regolith simulantSchleppi, J; Bromiley, G; Odling, N; Bennett, NS
2021-02-01Determination of the refractive index of BaY<inf>2</inf>F<inf>8</inf>:Er<sup>3+</sup> (0.5 mol% to 30 mol%) in the 300 nm–1800 nm range by ellipsometry; a record-breaking upconversion materialGibbons, J; Jones, CMS; Bennett, NS; Marques-Hueso, J
2020-01-01Proving the viability of an electrochemical process for the simultaneous extraction of oxygen and production of metal alloys from lunar regolithLomax, BA; Conti, M; Khan, N; Bennett, NS; Ganin, AY; Symes, MD
2019-04-15Optimizing Thermoelectric Power Factor in p-Type Hydrogenated Nano-crystalline Silicon Thin Films by Varying Carrier ConcentrationAcosta, E; Smirnov, V; Szabo, PSB; Buckman, J; Bennett, NS
2018-06-01Hydrogenated Nano-/Micro-Crystalline Silicon Thin-Films for ThermoelectricsAcosta, E; Wight, NM; Smirnov, V; Buckman, J; Bennett, NS
2018-01-01Experimental up-scaling of thermal conductivity reductions in silicon by vacancy-engineering: From the nano-To the micro-scaleWight, NM; Bennett, NS
2017-09-01A universal method for thermal conductivity measurements on micro-/nano-films with and without substrates using micro-Raman spectroscopyWight, NM; Acosta, E; Vijayaraghavan, RK; McNally, PJ; Smirnov, V; Bennett, NS
2016-11-01Facile hydrothermal synthesis of economically viable VO<inf>2</inf>(M1) counter electrode for dye sensitized solar cellsMutta, GR; Popuri, SR; Vasundhara, M; Maciejczyk, M; Racu, AV; Banica, R; Robertson, N; Wilson, JIB; Bennett, NS
2016-11-01Sol-gel spin coated well adhered MoO<inf>3</inf> thin films as an alternative counter electrode for dye sensitized solar cellsMutta, GR; Popuri, SR; Wilson, JIB; Bennett, NS
2016-10-24Dislocation loops as a mechanism for thermoelectric power factor enhancement in silicon nano-layersBennett, NS; Byrne, D; Cowley, A; Neophytou, N
2016-04-01B-Spline X-Ray Diffraction Imaging - Rapid non-destructive measurement of die warpage in ball grid array packagesCowley, A; Ivankovic, A; Wong, CS; Bennett, NS; Danilewsky, AN; Gonzalez, M; Cherman, V; Vandevelde, B; De Wolf, I; McNally, PJ
2016-03-01V<inf>2</inf>O<inf>5</inf> as an inexpensive counter electrode for dye sensitized solar cellsMutta, GR; Popuri, SR; Maciejczyk, M; Robertson, N; Vasundhara, M; Wilson, JIB; Bennett, NS
2016-01-01Large thermoelectric power factors and impact of texturing on the thermal conductivity in polycrystalline SnSePopuri, SR; Pollet, M; Decourt, R; Morrison, FD; Bennett, NS; Bos, JWG
-Energy Performance Analysis and Modelling of LoRa Prototyping BoardsOuld, S; Bennett, NS
-Internet-of-Things-Enabled Smart Bed Rail for Application in Hospital BedsOuld, S; Guertler, M; Hanna, P; Bennett, NS
-Design optimization of a magnesium-based metal hydride hydrogen energy storage systemLarpruenrudee, P; Bennett, NS; Gu, Y; Fitch, R; Islam, MS