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1-Jan-2019Global observational needs and resources for marine biodiversityCanonico, G; Buttigieg, PL; Montes, E; Muller-Karger, FE; Stepien, C; Wright, D; Benson, A; Helmuth, B; Costello, M; Sousa-Pinto, I; Saeedi, H; Newton, J; Appeltans, W; Bednaršek, N; Bodrossy, L; Best, BD; Brandt, A; Goodwin, KD; Iken, K; Marques, AC; Miloslavich, P; Ostrowski, M; Turner, W; Achterberg, EP; Barry, T; Defeo, O; Bigatti, G; Henry, LA; Ramiro-Sánchez, B; Durán, P; Morato, T; Murray Roberts, J; García-Alegre, A; Cuadrado, MS; Murton, B
1-Jan-2017Volunteers with disabilities at the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games: Who, why, and will they do it againDickson, TJ; Darcy, S; Benson, A
Jan-2011Volunteer tourism and intercultural exchange: exploring the 'Other' in the experienceWearing, SL; Faulkner, S; Benson, A
1-Jan-2009Introduction to the special issue on volunteer tourismLyons, K; Wearing, S; Benson, A
1-May-1997Low-level c-myc amplification in human colonic carcinoma cell lines and tumors: A frequent, p53-independent mutation associated with improved outcome in a randomized multi-institutional trialAugenlicht, LH; Wadler, S; Corner, G; Richards, C; Ryan, L; Multani, AS; Pathak, S; Benson, A; Haller, D; Heerdt, BG
15-May-1996Phase III study of bolus versus infusion fluorouracil with or without cisplatin in advanced colorectal cancerHansen, RM; Ryan, L; Anderson, T; Krzywda, B; Quebbeman, E; Benson, A; Haller, DG; Tormey, DC