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2020-12Early Parenting Characteristics Associated with Internalizing Symptoms Across Seven Waves of the Longitudinal Study of Australian Children.Kemmis-Riggs, J; Grove, R; McAloon, J; Berle, D
2020-10-05Cyberchondria in the time of the COVID-19 pandemic.Starcevic, V; Schimmenti, A; Billieux, J; Berle, D
2020-09-30Posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) symptoms among offspring of Holocaust survivors: A systematic review and meta-analysis.Payne, E; Berle, D
2020-09-01The influence of ruminative processing mode on the trajectory of intrusive memories following a negative mood inductionStavropoulos, A; Berle, D
2020-08-18Recent insights into cyberchondriaStarcevic, V; Berle, D; Arnáez, S
2020-06-01The Assessment of Cyberchondria: Instruments for Assessing Problematic Online Health-Related ResearchStarcevic, V; Berle, D; Arnáez, S; Vismara, M; Fineberg, NA
2020-05-12The impact of family separation and worry about family upon psychological adjustment in refugees resettled in AustraliaFogden, G; Berle, D; Steel, Z
2020-04-20Symptoms of obsessive-compulsive disorder during pregnancy and the postpartum period: A systematic review and meta-analysis.Starcevic, V; Eslick, G; Viswasam, K; Berle, D
2020-03-17Do Cognitive Tasks Reduce Intrusive-Memory Frequency After Exposure to Analogue Trauma? An Experimental ReplicationBadawi, A; Berle, D; Rogers, K; Steel, Z
2020-02-28The Relationship between Emotion Dysregulation and Postnatal Attachment in Women Admitted to a Mother Baby UnitBrake, E; Berle, D; Reilly, N; Austin, M-P
2020-01-01Relationships between online health information seeking and psychopathologyBerle, D; Starcevic, V; Khazaal, Y; Viswasam, K; Hede, V; McMullan, RD
2020Trajectories and predictors of anxiety symptoms during pregnancy in an Australian sampleViswasam, K; Berle, D; Starcevic, V
2019-12-31The association between visa insecurity and mental health, disability and social engagement in refugees living in AustraliaNickerson, A; Byrow, Y; O’Donnell, M; Mau, V; McMahon, T; Pajak, R; Li, S; Hamilton, A; Minihan, S; Liu, C; Bryant, RA; Berle, D; Liddell, BJ
2019-09-15Cyberchondria and its Relationships with Related Constructs: a Network AnalysisStarcevic, V; Baggio, S; Berle, D; Khazaal, Y; Viswasam, K
2019-09-03The association between trauma experienced during incarceration and PTSD outcomes: a systematic review and meta-analysisPiper, A; Berle, D
2019-08-01A systematic review and meta-analysis of the Unified Protocol as a transdiagnostic emotion regulation based interventionSakiris, N; Berle, D
2019-02-15The relationships between health anxiety, online health information seeking, and cyberchondria: Systematic review and meta-analysisMcMullan, RD; Berle, D; Arnáez, S; Starcevic, V
2019-01-01Parental Trajectories of PTSD and Child Adjustment: Findings From the Building a New Life in Australia StudyReid, K; Berle, D
2018-09-01Confirmatory Factor Analysis of the Nepean Dysphoria Scale in a Clinical SampleBerle, D; Starcevic, V; Viswasam, K; Milicevic, D; Hannan, A; Brakoulias, V; Steel, Z
2018-09-01Comparative social media use and the mental health of mothers with high levels of perfectionismPadoa, T; Berle, D; Roberts, L