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1-Apr-2018Online planning for multi-robot active perception with self-organising mapsBest, G; Faigl, J; Fitch, R
1-Jan-2018Decentralised Mission Monitoring with Spatiotemporal Optimal StoppingBest, G; Huang, S; Fitch, R; Maciejewski, AA; Okamura, A; Bicchi, A; Stachniss, C; Song, DZ; Lee, DH; Chaumette, F; Ding, H; Li, JS; Wen, J; Roberts, J; Masamune, K; Chong, NY; Amato, N; Tsagwarakis, N; Rocco, P; Asfour, T; Chung, WK; Yasuyoshi, Y; Sun, Y; Maciekeski, T; Althoefer, K; AndradeCetto, J; Chung, WK; Demircan, E; Dias, J; Fraisse, P; Gross, R; Harada, H; Hasegawa, Y; Hayashibe, M; Kiguchi, K; Kim, K; Kroeger, T; Li, Y; Ma, S; Mochiyama, H; Monje, CA; Rekleitis, I; Roberts, R; Stulp, F; Tsai, CHD; Zollo, L
1-Jun-2017Path planning with spatiotemporal optimal stopping for stochastic mission monitoringBest, G; Martens, W; Fitch, R
18-Dec-2016Decentralised Monte Carlo Tree Search for Active PerceptionBest, G; Cliff, O; Patten, T; Mettu, R; Fitch, R
Dec-2016Probabilistic Maximum Set Cover with Path Constraints for Informative Path PlanningBest, G; Fitch, R
28-Nov-2016Multi-robot path planning for budgeted active perception with self-organising mapsBest, G; Faigl, J; Fitch, R
11-Dec-2015Bayesian intention inference for trajectory prediction with an unknown goal destinationBest, G; Fitch, R
1-Jan-2015A spatiotemporal optimal stopping problem for mission monitoring with stationary viewpointsBest, G; Martens, W; Fitch, R