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2017Profiling and Supporting Adaptive Micro Learning on Open Education ResourcesSun, G; Cui, T; Beydoun, G; Shen, J; Chen, S
2017SBAR: A Framework to Support Learning Path Adaptation in Mobile LearningMuhammad, A; Shen, J; Beydoun, G; Xu, D
1-Oct-2016Towards knowledge sharing in disaster management: An agent oriented knowledge analysis frameworkInan, DI; Beydoun, G; Opper, S
Mar-2016Supporting agent oriented requirement analysis with ontologiesLopez-Lorca, AA; Beydoun, G; Valencia-Garcia, R; Martinez-Bejar, R
2016Conceptualising Cloud Migration ProcessGholami, M; Low, G; Beydoun, G
Jan-2009Towards method engineering for multi-agent systems: a validation of a generic MAS metamodel,Low, GC; Beydoun, G; Henderson-Sellers, B; Gonzalez Perez, C; Ghose, A; Governatori, G; Sadananda, R
Jan-2007Modelling MAS-specific security featuresBeydoun, G; Low, GC; Mouratidis, H; Henderson-Sellers, B; Pernici, B; Gulla, JA
Jan-2006Developing and evaluating a generic metamodel for MAS work productsBeydoun, G; Gonzalez Perez, C; Henderson-Sellers, B; Low, GC; Garcia, A; Choren, R; Lucena, C; Giorgini, P; Holvoet, T; Romanovsky, A
Jan-2006Foundations of ontology based MAS methodologiesBeydoun, G; Tran, Q; Low, GC; Henderson-Sellers, B; Kolp, M; Bresciani, P; Henderson-Sellers, B; Winikoff, M
Jan-2005Using messaging structure to evolve agents roles in electronic marketsBeydoun, G; Debenham, JK; Hoffmann, A
Jan-2005Towards Method Engineering for Multi-Agent systems: A preliminary validation for a generic MAS metamodelBeydoun, G; Gonzalez Perez, C; Low, GC; Henderson-Sellers, B; Wong, E; Chu, W; Juristo, N
Jan-2005Preliminary Basis for an Ontology-Based Methodological Approach for multi-agent systemsBeydoun, G; Tran, Q; Low, GC; Henderson-Sellers, B; Akoja; J; al, E
Jan-2005Synthesis of a generic MAS metamodelBeydoun, G; Gonzalez Perez, C; Low, GC; Henderson-Sellers, B; Garcia, A; Choren, R; Lucen, C; Romanonsky, A; Holvoet, T; Gioreini, P