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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
17-Jan-2018SBAR: A Framework to Support Learning Path Adaptation in Mobile LearningMuhammad, A; Shen, J; Beydoun, G; Xu, D
26-Feb-2017Customising Agent Based Analysis Towards Analysis of Disaster Management KnowledgeInan, D; Beydoun, G; Opper, S
1-Oct-2016Towards knowledge sharing in disaster management: An agent oriented knowledge analysis frameworkInan, DI; Beydoun, G; Opper, S
Oct-2016Cloud migration process-A survey, evaluation framework, and open challengesGholami, MF; Daneshgar, F; Low, G; Beydoun, G
1-Mar-2016Supporting agent oriented requirement analysis with ontologiesLopez-Lorca, AA; Beydoun, G; Valencia-Garcia, R; Martinez-Bejar, R
1-Jan-2016Australia's national health programs: An ontological mappingRamaprasad, A; Win, KT; Syn, T; Beydoun, G; Dawson, L
2016Conceptualising Cloud Migration ProcessGholami, M; Low, G; Beydoun, G
2016Profiling and Supporting Adaptive Micro Learning on Open Education ResourcesSun, G; Cui, T; Beydoun, G; Shen, J; Chen, S
2015Micro learning adaptation in MOOC: A software as a service and a personalized learner modelSun, G; Cui, T; Beydoun, G; Guo, W; Xu, D; Shen, J
20-Oct-2014Ant-inspired multi-phase and multi-party negotiations in the data-intensive service provisionWang, L; Shen, J; Zhou, Q; Beydoun, G
1-Oct-2014Requirements elicitation and specification using the agent paradigm: The case study of an aircraft turnaround simulatorMiller, T; Lu, B; Sterling, L; Beydoun, G; Taveter, K
Jun-2014Agile Enterprise Architecture: A Case of a Cloud Technology-Enabled Government Enterprise TransformationGill, AQ; Smith, S; Beydoun, G; Sugumaran, V; Siau, K; Li, Q; Guo, X
1-Mar-2014Aligning ontology-based development with service oriented systemsShen, J; Beydoun, G; Low, G; Wang, L
1-Mar-2014Development and validation of a Disaster Management Metamodel (DMM)Othman, SH; Beydoun, G; Sugumaran, V
1-Jan-2014Identification of ontologies to support information systems developmentBeydoun, G; Low, G; García-Sánchez, F; Valencia-García, R; Martínez-Béjar, R
1-Jan-2014Real-time task attributes and temporal constraintsAshamalla, A; Beydoun, G; Paramesh, N
7-Nov-2013Enhanced ant colony algorithm for cost-aware data-intensive service provisionWang, L; Shen, J; Beydoun, G
1-Aug-2013Generic modelling of security awareness in agent based systemsBeydoun, G; Low, G
31-May-2013Model-driven disaster managementOthman, SH; Beydoun, G
1-Apr-2013Service Oriented Architectures (SOA) adoption challengesBeydoun, G; Xu, D; Sugumaran, V