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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019In Crime's Archive: The Cultural Afterlife of EvidenceBiber, K
2019Dark Archive: The Afterlife of Forensic PhotographsBiber, K; Brett, DW; Lusty, N
18-Dec-2018'The Pixelated Prisoner: Prison Video Links, Court 'Appearance' and the Justice Matrix' by Carolyn McKay (book review)Biber, K
1-Nov-2018Evidence in the museum: Curating a miscarriage of justiceBiber, K
1-Jun-2018Dignity in the digital age: Broadcasting the Oscar Pistorius trialBiber, K
13-Apr-2018The art of bureaucracy: Redacted ready-madesBiber, K
24-Oct-2017The Archival Turn in Law: The papers of Lindy Chamberlain in the National Library of AustraliaBiber, K
3-Apr-2017The Cultural Afterlife of Criminal EvidenceBiber, K; Rafter, N; Brown, M
4-Mar-2016Book Review: Such Slow Murder: Feminism, Moral Panic and Homicidal Women. (Review of 'Female Criminality' by A. Cossins).Biber, K; Loughnan, A; Quilter, J
24-Jul-2015Peeping: Open justice and law's voyeursBiber, K
2-Jan-2014Evidence and the Archive: Ethics, Aesthetics, and EmotionBiber, K; Luker, T
Jan-2014Inside Jill Meagher's Handbag: Looking at Open JusticeBiber, K
1-Nov-2013In crime's archive: The cultural afterlife of criminal evidenceBiber, K
1-Jan-2013Perving at crime scenes: Authenticity, ethics, aesthetics: A conversationBiber, K; Doyle, P; Rossmanith, K
1-Dec-2011REVIEWSBiber, K; Ingram, P
Jan-2011Evidence from the Archive: Implementing the Court Information Act in NSWBiber, K
1-Jan-2010Fact-finding, proof and indigenous knowledge: Teaching evidence in AustraliaBiber, K
Jan-2010Atkins v The Emperor: the cautious use of unreliable expert opinionEdmond, G; Kemp, RI; Porter, GR; Hamer, D; Burton, M; Biber, K; Rocque, MS
1-Dec-2009Making art from evidence: Secret sex and police surveillance in the TearoomBiber, K; Dalton, D
Jan-2009From Fairy to Witch: Imagery and Myth on the Azaria CaseJohnson, D; Deborah Staines, MA; Biber, K