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2023-10Motivations to learn genomic information are not exceptional: Lessons from behavioral science.Taber, JM; Peters, E; Klein, WMP; Cameron, LD; Turbitt, E; Biesecker, BB
2022-12-11The PrU: Development and validation of a measure to assess personal utility of genomic results.Turbitt, E; Kohler, JN; Angelo, F; Miller, IM; Lewis, KL; Goddard, KAB; Wilfond, BS; Biesecker, BB; Leo, MC
2022-10Return of comprehensive tumour genomic profiling results to advanced cancer patients: a qualitative study.Best, MC; Bartley, N; Napier, CE; Fisher, A; Ballinger, ML; Thomas, DM; Goldstein, D; Tucker, K; Biesecker, BB; Butow, P
2022-06Psychological outcomes in advanced cancer patients after receiving genomic tumor profiling results.Vatter, S; Schlub, TE; Napier, CE; Best, MC; Bartley, N; Juraskova, I; Meiser, B; Ballinger, ML; Biesecker, BB; Goldstein, D; Thomas, DM; Butow, P; Members of the PiGeOn Project,
2022-03Cancer patient knowledge about and behavioral intentions after germline genome sequencing.Napier, CE; Davies, G; Butow, PN; Schlub, TE; Best, MC; Bartley, N; Juraskova, I; Meiser, B; Tucker, KM; Biesecker, BB; Thomas, DM; Ballinger, ML; Members of the PiGeOn Project,
2022-02Effectively communicating comprehensive tumor genomic profiling results: Mitigating uncertainty for advanced cancer patients.Bartley, N; Best, MC; Biesecker, BB; Fisher, A; Goldstein, D; Meiser, B; Thomas, DM; Ballinger, ML; Butow, P
2021-11-10Psychological predictors of advanced cancer patients' preferences for return of results from comprehensive tumor genomic profiling.Meiser, B; Butow, P; Davies, G; Napier, CE; Schlub, TE; Bartley, N; Juraskova, I; Ballinger, ML; Thomas, DM; Tucker, K; Goldstein, D; Biesecker, BB; Best, MC; Members of the Psychosocial Issues in Genomics in Oncology (PiGeOn) Project,
2021-08Parent clinical trial priorities for fragile X syndrome: a best-worst scaling.Turbitt, E; D'Amanda, C; Hyman, S; Weber, JD; Bridges, JFP; Peay, HL; Biesecker, BB
2021-07Enrolling Children in Clinical Trials for Genetic Neurodevelopmental Conditions: Ethics, Parental Decisions, and Children's Identities.Turbitt, E; Newson, AJ; Biesecker, BB; Wilfond, BS
2021-05-13Dyadic concordance and associations of beliefs with intentions to learn carrier results from genomic sequencingHuelsnitz, CO; Turbitt, E; Taber, JM; Lewis, KL; Biesecker, LG; Biesecker, BB; Klein, WMP
2021-05Engagement and return of results preferences among a primarily African American genomic sequencing research cohort.Lewis, KL; Turbitt, E; Chan, PA; Epps, S; Biesecker, BB; Erby, LAH; Fasaye, G-A; Biesecker, LG
2021-04-19Preferences for and acceptability of receiving pharmacogenomic results by mail: A focus group study with a primarily African-American cohort.Chan, PA; Lewis, KL; Biesecker, BB; Erby, LH; Fasaye, G-A; Epps, S; Biesecker, LG; Turbitt, E
2021Cancer Patient Experience of Uncertainty While Waiting for Genome Sequencing Results.Bartley, N; Napier, CE; Butt, Z; Schlub, TE; Best, MC; Biesecker, BB; Ballinger, ML; Butow, P
2020-12Parental decision making about clinical trial enrollment: A survey of parents of children with Fragile X syndrome.Turbitt, E; Klein, WMP; Rogers, K; D'Amanda, CS; Biesecker, BB
2020-05A primer in genomics for social and behavioral investigators.Turbitt, E; Biesecker, BB
2020-05Perceptions of uncertainties about carrier results identified by exome sequencing in a randomized controlled trial.Umstead, KL; Han, PKJ; Lewis, KL; Miller, IM; Hepler, CL; Thompson, LJ; Wolfsberg, TG; Nguyen, A-D; Fredriksen, MT; Gibney, G; Turbitt, E; Biesecker, LG; Biesecker, BB
2019-08-01Fragile X syndrome clinical trials: exploring parental decision-makingD'Amanda, CS; Peay, HL; Wheeler, AC; Turbitt, E; Biesecker, BB
2019-06-01Genetic counseling, genetic testing, and risk perceptions for breast and colorectal cancer: Results from the 2015 National Health Interview SurveyTurbitt, E; Roberts, MC; Taber, JM; Waters, EA; McNeel, TS; Biesecker, BB; Klein, WMP
2019-05-01Secondary findings from clinical genomic sequencing: prevalence, patient perspectives, family history assessment, and health-care costs from a multisite studyHart, MR; Biesecker, BB; Blout, CL; Christensen, KD; Amendola, LM; Bergstrom, KL; Biswas, S; Bowling, KM; Brothers, KB; Conlin, LK; Cooper, GM; Dulik, MC; East, KM; Everett, JN; Finnila, CR; Ghazani, AA; Gilmore, MJ; Goddard, KAB; Jarvik, GP; Johnston, JJ; Kauffman, TL; Kelley, WV; Krier, JB; Lewis, KL; McGuire, AL; McMullen, C; Ou, J; Plon, SE; Rehm, HL; Richards, CS; Romasko, EJ; Miren Sagardia, A; Spinner, NB; Thompson, ML; Turbitt, E; Vassy, JL; Wilfond, BS; Veenstra, DL; Berg, JS; Green, RC; Biesecker, LG; Hindorff, LA
2019-05-01Managing the need to tell: Triggers and strategic disclosure of thalassemia major in SingaporeKumar, N; Turbitt, E; Biesecker, BB; Miller, IM; Cham, B; Smith, KC; Rimal, RN