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1-Jul-2018Practices, projects and portfolios: Current research trends and new directionsClegg, S; Killen, CP; Biesenthal, C; Sankaran, S
1-Feb-2018Classics in megaproject management: A structured analysis of three major worksPollack, J; Biesenthal, C; Sankaran, S; Clegg, S
1-Jan-2018Applying institutional theories to managing megaprojectsBiesenthal, C; Clegg, S; Mahalingam, A; Sankaran, S
1-Dec-2017The past and Present of MegaprojectsSöderlund, J; Sankaran, S; Biesenthal, C
1-Jan-2017Multilevel value creation in projects, programs, and portfolios: Results from two case studiesAng, K; Biesenthal, C
2017Governance at the Front-EndSankaran, S; Biesenthal, C; Müller, R
1-Sep-2015Understanding megaproject success beyond the project close-out stageFahri, J; Biesenthal, C; Pollack, J; Sankaran, S
13-Feb-2015The role of BIM in reducing information asymmetry in construction projectsForsythe, P; Sankaran, S; Subramanyan, H; Biesenthal, C; Jain, K; Pundir, AK; Khanapuri, VB; Acharya, P; Dixit, V
1-Jan-2015Time to make space for practice-based research in project portfolio managementKillen, CP; Clegg, S; Biesenthal, C; Sankaran, S
1-Jan-2015Improvisation in project management: A praxeologyKlein, L; Biesenthal, C; Dehlin, E
1-Jan-2015How far can BIM reduce information asymmetry in the Australian construction context?Forsythe, P; Sankaran, S; Biesenthal, C
1-Jan-2014Multi-level project governance: Trends and opportunitiesBiesenthal, C; Wilden, R