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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
17-Jul-2019The Qualitative ImageMatthews, L; Biloria, N
15-Jul-2019Understanding The Relationship Between Smart Cities And Entrepreneurial Ecosystems: The Case Of SydneyCetindamar Kozanoglu, D; Lammers, T; Sick, N; Biloria, N
3-Jul-2019Real-time interactive multimodal systems for physiological and emotional wellbeingBiloria, NM; Dritsa, D; Biloria, N
3-Jul-2019Urban Wellbeing in the Contemporary CityBiloria, NM; Reddy, P; Ariani, Y; Mehta, D; Biloria, N
1-Jan-2019Algae Building: Is This the New Smart Sustainable TechnologyWilkinson, S; Ralph, P; Biloria, NM; Biloria, N
3-Apr-2018Towards a multi-scalar framework for smart healthcareDritsa, D; Biloria, N
1-Jan-2018Social robotics and human computer interaction for promoting wellbeing in the contemporary cityBiloria, N; Dritsa, D
1-Dec-2016Navigating abstract virtual environment: an eeg studyHakak, AM; Bhattacharya, J; Biloria, N; de Kleijn, R; Shah-Mohammadi, F
Mar-2016“Thinking Out of the Box” from Out of the Box! Increasing the Dimension of “Starting Point” Case Study: Architecture StudentsHakak, AM; Biloria, N; Dabbagh, A; Venhari, AA
1-Jan-2016The proto-fuse project: Methods to boost creativity for architectsHakak, AM; Bhattacharya, J; Biloria, N; Venhari, AA
2015Immersive, interactive, unconventional virtual environments, boost creative cognitionHakak, AM; Biloria, N
2015Ambiguous Topology: From Interactive to Pro-active Spatial EnvironmentsChang, J-R; Biloria, N; Vandoren, D
31-Oct-2014From Film Studies to Interaction Design—An Emergent Aesthetics ViewBiloria, N; Xia, X; Hommel, B; Scarinzi, A
1-Jan-2014OntoPolis©: A semantic participatory platform for performance assessment and augmentation of urban environmentsPsyllidis, A; Biloria, N
2014Performance driven generative design systemsBiloria, N
2014Performance driven generative design systems: Agent based model driven design methodologies in architectural educationBiloria, N
2014Creativity in Architecture-A Review on Effective Parameters Correlated with Creativity in Architectural DesignHakak, AM; Biloria, N; Venhari, AA
1-Jan-2013HyperCell A bio-inspired information design framework for real-time adaptive spatial componentsBiloria, N; Chang, J-R; Achten, H; Pavlicek, J; Hulin, J; Matejovska, D
1-Jan-2013Performance Driven Design and Design Information Exchange Establishing a computational design methodology for parametric and performance-driven design of structures via topology optimization for rough structurally informed design modelsMostafavi, S; Beltran, MM; Biloria, N; Stouffs, R; Sariyildiz, S
1-Oct-2012Implementing unconventional virtual environments for enhancing creativity in architecture pedagogyHakak, AM; Biloria, N; Rahimi, MR