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2023-11-20Are organisational responses by police forces appropriate to adequately safeguard police officer wellness? A review of the scientific evidenceBeckley, A; Wang, J; Birch, P
2023-05-24Guest editorial : Emergingissuesinthepolicingprofession–SpecialIssueJournalof CriminologicalResearch,PolicyandPracticeRogers, C; Birch, P
2023-05Reawakening criminology: the importance of scientific method and inquiry in policing practiceBirch, P; Kruger, E; Porter, G; Bizo, LA; Kennedy, M
2023-04-17The Hate Crime-Violent Extremism nexus: An assessment of the relationshipWheatley, P; Birch, P
2023-01-09Introducing Crime, Criminal Justice and Religion – A Critical AppraisalBirch, P; Murray, C; McInnes, A
2023-01-09Crime and Criminal Justice – Reflecting on the Influence of ReligionBirch, P; Murray, C; McInnes, A
2023-01-09Police legitimacy in divided societies: Exploring the interface of religion and social cohesionMurray, C; Payne, B; Birch, P
2023-01Gaslighting and its application to interpersonal violenceDickson, P; Ireland, JL; Birch, P
2022-09-08A criminologically-informed examination of looting behaviour during natural disaster incidentsGaherity, C; Birch, P
2022-09Cultivating wellbeing amongst police officers: Examining challenges in the workplaceBirch, P; Vickers, MH; Galovic, S; Kennedy, M; Eterno, J; Sitckler, B; Peterson, D
2022-06-28Digital displacement of youth offending: addressing the issueMcCord, A; Birch, P; Bizo, LA
2022-04-04Exploring the experiences of children whose parents are incarceratedCarroll, LG; Birch, P
2022-01-01Understanding post-crisis trauma recovery for the past decade in uniformed services: a narrative reviewDe Silva, R; Ireland, JL; Birch, P; Ireland, CA; Lewis, M; Dissanayake, R; Atapattu, M
2022-01-01Animal Abuse Proclivity Among Women: Exploring Callousness, Sadism, and Psychopathy TraitsIreland, JL; Birch, P; Lewis, M; Mian, U; Ireland, CA
2022Reconnecting from beyond the prison bars: A rapid evidence assessment on parent/children engagement post-release.Birch, P
2022From Hate Crime to Violent Extremism? A Rapid Evidence Assessment of Violent Extremism.Birch, P
2022Assessing the efficacy of Domestic and Family Violence behaviour change programs: A Rapid Evidence Assessment.Birch, P
2022Developing consensus amongst New South Wales (NSW) Police Officers (Sworn) for addressing Hate Crime – Report of Final Findings.Birch, P
2022Domestic and family violence behaviour change programs: An examination of Gendered and Non-Gendered FrameworksBirch, P
2022Confirming the factor structure of the Psychopathic Processing and Personality Assessment (PAPA) using a community sample: Attending to sex differences in psychopathyLewis, M; Ireland, JL; Ireland, CA; Derefaka, G; McNeill, K; Birch, P; Room, L; Coultas, C; Green, E; Newsome, J; Edwards, L; Smillie, L; McNabb, L; Onifade, H; Fergus, J