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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2023Corporate Governance, Market Conditions and Investors’ Reaction to Information SignalsAlmaskati, N; Bird, R; Yeung, D; Lu, Y
2021-03A horse race of models and estimation methods for predicting bankruptcyAlmaskati, N; Bird, R; Yeung, D; Lu, Y
2021Experiences of current and former members of self-managed superannuation fundsThorp, S; Bird, R; Foster, FD; Gray, J; Raftery, A; Yeung, DCS
2021Where Goes Momentum?Bird, R; Geo, XJ; Yeung, D
2020-01-01Sensitivity to sentiment: News vs social mediaGan, B; Alexeev, V; Bird, R; Yeung, D
2018-12-01Mandatory Corporate Social Responsibility: The Indian experienceMukherjee, A; Bird, R; Duppati, G
2018-08-01Who starts a self-managed superannuation fund and why?Bird, R; Foster, FD; Gray, J; Raftery, AM; Thorp, S; Yeung, D
2018-02-01Board independence and the variability of firm performance: Evidence from an exogenous regulatory shockBird, R; Huang, P; Lu, Y
2017-05-01Time-series and cross-sectional momentum strategies under alternative implementation strategiesBird, R; Gao, X; Yeung, D
2016-07-27Analysis of mandatory CSR expenditure in India: a surveyMukherjee, A; Bird, R
2016-06-06Australian Prudential Regulation Before and After the Global Financial CrisisDocherty, P; Bird, R; Henckel, T; Menzies, GD
2016-01-01Corporate social responsibility and firm market performance: A study of Indian listed companiesBird, R; Duppati, G; Mukherjee, A
2013-08-01The market response to exploration, resource and reserve announcements by mining companies: Australian dataBird, R; Grosse, M; Yeung, D
2013-03-01The tortoise and the hare: Risk premium versus alternative asset portfoliosBird, R; Liem, H; Thorp, S
2013-01Why do investors favor active Management ... to the extent they do?Bird, R; Gray, J; Scotti, M
2013-01Forecasting extreme performance: The experience with Australian equitiesAbidin, S; Bird, R; Yeung, DC
2012-08-08The market acceptance of corporate social responsibility: A comparison across six countries/regionsBird, R; Momenté, F; Reggiani, F
2012-04-01How do investors react under uncertainty?Bird, R; Yeung, D
2011-09-01Asset price regulators, unite: You have the macroeconomy to win and the microeconomic losses are smallMenzies, G; Bird, R; Dixon, PB; Rimmer, MT
2011-07-01The economic costs of US stock mispricingBird, R; Menzies, G; Dixon, P; Rimmer, M