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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020A perturbation analysis of stochastic matrix Riccati diffusionsBishop, AN; Moral, PD; Niclas, A
2020Distributed Power Mean FusionTaylor, CN; Bishop, AN
2019-11-01Backward Nonlinear Smoothing DiffusionsAnderson, BDO; Bishop, AN; Moral, PD; Palmier, C
2019-01-01Stability properties of systems of linear stochastic differential equations with random coefficientsBishop, AN; Del Moral, P
2019-01-01On the stability of matrix-valued Riccati diffusionsBishop, AN; Del Moral, P
2019-01-01An explicit Floquet-type representation of Riccati aperiodic exponential semigroupsBishop, AN; Del Moral, P
2019-01-01Homogeneous functionals and Bayesian data fusion with unknown correlationTaylor, CN; Bishop, AN
2018-10-03Nonlinear stochastic receding horizon control: stability, robustness and Monte Carlo methods for control approximationBertoli, F; Bishop, AN
2018-10-01Spatio-temporal tracking from natural language statements using outer probability theoryBishop, AN; Houssineau, J; Angley, D; Ristic, B
2018-10-01On the robustness of Riccati flows to complete model misspecificationBishop, AN; Del Moral, P
2018-10-01On Leader-Follower Consensus with Switching Topologies: An Analysis Inspired by Pigeon HierarchiesShao, J; Zheng, WX; Huang, TZ; Bishop, AN
2018-09-01Perturbations and projections of Kalman–Bucy semigroupsBishop, AN; Del Moral, P; Pathiraja, SD
2018-01-01Smoothing and filtering with a class of outer measuresHoussineau, J; Bishop, AN
2018-01-01An introduction to Wishart matrix momentsBishop, AN; Del Moral, P; Niclas, A
2017-03-01Sensor fault detection for the roll dynamic model of a generic delta-wing aircraftDeghat, M; Lampiri, E; Bishop, AN
2017-01-01On the stability of kalman-bucy diffusion processesBishop, AN; Del Moral, P
2017-01-01Fast Bayesian intensity estimation for the permanental processWalder, CJ; Bishop, AN
2016-08-26Controlling the shape and scale of triangular formations using landmarks and bearing-only sensingManuel, IL; Bishop, AN; Anderson, BDO; Yu, C
2015-11-16Distributed shape control and collision avoidance for multi-agent systems with bearing-only constraintsDeghat, M; Bishop, AN
2015-01-01Monte Carlo Methods for Controller Approximation and Stabilization in Nonlinear Stochastic Optimal ControlBertoli, F; Bishop, AN