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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
5-Dec-2018ICFHR 2018 Competition on Thai student signatures and name components recognition and verification (TSNCRV2018)Suwanwiwat, H; Das, A; Pal, U; Blumenstein, M
5-Dec-2018A study on idiosyncratic handwriting with impact on writer identificationAdak, C; Chaudhuri, BB; Blumenstein, M
5-Dec-2018Signature and logo detection using deep CNN for document image retrievalSharma, N; Mandal, R; Sharma, R; Pal, U; Blumenstein, M
26-Nov-2018Fourier Transform based Features for Clean and Polluted Water Image ClassificationWu, X; Shivakumara, P; Zhu, L; Zhang, H; Shi, J; Lu, T; Pal, U; Blumenstein, M
1-Nov-2018Thai automatic signature verification system employing textural featuresDas, A; Suwanwiwat, H; Ferrer, MA; Pal, U; Blumenstein, M
10-Oct-2018Robust 2D Joint Sparse Principal Component Analysis with F-Norm Minimization for Sparse Modelling: 2D-RJSPCARazzak, MI; Saris, RA; Blumenstein, M; Xu, G
10-Oct-2018More Realistic and Efficient Face-Based Mobile Authentication using CNNsDas, A; Sengupta, A; Saqib, M; Pal, U; Blumenstein, M
10-Oct-2018Person Head Detection in Multiple Scales Using Deep Convolutional Neural NetworksSaqib, M; Khan, SD; Sharma, N; Blumenstein, M
10-Oct-2018Cognitive Analysis for Reading and Writing of Bengali ConjunctsAdak, C; Chaudhuri, BB; Blumenstein, M
10-Oct-2018Connectivity Based Method for Clustering Microbial Communities from Metagenomics Data of Water and Soil SamplesRahman, JS; Li, J; Xie, J; Fogelman, S; Blumenstein, M
29-Aug-2018Matching pursuit based on kernel non-second order minimizationZhang, M; Gao, Y; Sun, C; Blumenstein, M
13-Jul-2018SSBC 2018: Sclera segmentation benchmarking competitionDas, A; Pal, U; Ferrer, MA; Blumenstein, M; Stepec, D; Rot, P; Emersic, Z; Peer, P; Struc, V
3-Jul-2018Fast local binary pattern: Application to document image retrievalAlaei, F; Alaei, A; Pal, U; Blumenstein, M
3-Jul-2018Pincode detection using deep CNN for postal automationSharma, N; Sengupta, A; Sharma, R; Pal, U; Blumenstein, M
3-Jul-2018Extracting descriptive motion information from crowd scenesSaqib, M; Daud Khan, S; Sharma, N; Blumenstein, M
1-Jul-2018From feedback loop transitions to biomarkers in the psycho-immune-neuroendocrine network: Detecting the critical transition from health to major depressionStapelberg, NJC; Pratt, R; Neumann, DL; Shum, DHK; Brandis, S; Muthukkumarasamy, V; Stantic, B; Blumenstein, M; Headrick, JP
1-Jul-2018Integrated intelligent water-energy metering systems and informatics: Visioning a digital multi-utility service providerStewart, RA; Nguyen, K; Beal, C; Zhang, H; Sahin, O; Bertone, E; Vieira, AS; Castelletti, A; Cominola, A; Giuliani, M; Giurco, D; Blumenstein, M; Turner, A; Liu, A; Kenway, S; Savić, DA; Makropoulos, C; Kossieris, P
22-Jun-2018Evaluation of GIST operator for document image retrievalAlaei, F; Alaei, A; Pal, U; Blumenstein, M
22-Jun-2018Offline Bengali writer verification by PDF-CNN and siamese netAdak, C; Marinai, S; Chaudhuri, BB; Blumenstein, M
23-Feb-2018Robust Feature-Based Automated Multi-View Human Action Recognition SystemChou, KP; Prasad, M; Wu, D; Sharma, N; Li, DL; Lin, YF; Blumenstein, M; Lin, WC; Lin, CT