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2020-02-01FACLSTM: ConvLSTM with focused attention for scene text recognitionWang, Q; Huang, Y; Jia, W; He, X; Blumenstein, M; Lyu, S; Lu, Y
2020-01-01Integrating joint feature selection into subspace learning: A formulation of 2DPCA for outliers robust feature selectionRazzak, I; Saris, RA; Blumenstein, M; Xu, G
2019-12-01Chord Bunch Walks for Recognizing Naturally Self-Overlapped and Compound LeavesWang, B; Gao, Y; Sun, C; Blumenstein, M; La Salle, J
2019-11-01Temporal self-attention network for medical concept embeddingPeng, X; Long, G; Shen, T; Wang, S; Jiang, J; Blumenstein, M
2019-10-01Bag-of-visual-words for signature-based multi-script document retrievalMandal, R; Roy, PP; Pal, U; Blumenstein, M
2019-09-01Drone detection in long-range surveillance videosNalamati, M; Kapoor, A; Saqib, M; Sharma, N; Blumenstein, M
2019-06-01Multiclass Support Matrix Machines by Maximizing the Inter-Class Margin for Single Trial EEG ClassificationRazzak, I; Blumenstein, M; Xu, G
2019-05-15An automatic zone detection system for safe landing of UAVsKaljahi, MA; Shivakumara, P; Idris, MYI; Anisi, MH; Lu, T; Blumenstein, M; Noor, NM
2019-05-01A comparative study of different texture features for document image retrievalAlaei, F; Alaei, A; Pal, U; Blumenstein, M
2019-03-01A scene image classification technique for a ubiquitous visual surveillance systemKaljahi, MA; Palaiahnakote, S; Anisi, MH; Idris, MYI; Blumenstein, M; Khan, MK
2019-02-04Real-Time Drone Surveillance and Population Estimation of Marine Animals from Aerial ImagerySaqib, M; Daud Khan, S; Sharma, N; Scully-Power, P; Butcher, P; Colefax, A; Blumenstein, M
2019-02-04An End-to-End Hierarchical Classification Approach for Similar Gesture RecognitionWu, D; Sharma, N; Blumenstein, M
2019-01-16Similar Gesture Recognition using Hierarchical Classification Approach in RGB VideosWu, D; Sharma, N; Blumenstein, M
2019-01-01Detection of Anomalous Traffic Patterns and Insight Analysis from Bus Trajectory DataZhang, X; Verma, S; Liu, Y; Blumenstein, M; Li, J
2019-01-01An empirical study on writer identification and verification from intra-variable individual handwritingAdak, C; Chaudhuri, BB; Blumenstein, M
2019-01-01Crowd Counting in Low-Resolution Crowded Scenes Using Region-Based Deep Convolutional Neural NetworksSaqib, M; Khan, SD; Sharma, N; Blumenstein, M
2018-12-05Signature and logo detection using deep CNN for document image retrievalSharma, N; Mandal, R; Sharma, R; Pal, U; Blumenstein, M
2018-12-05ICFHR 2018 Competition on Thai student signatures and name components recognition and verification (TSNCRV2018)Suwanwiwat, H; Das, A; Pal, U; Blumenstein, M
2018-12-05A study on idiosyncratic handwriting with impact on writer identificationAdak, C; Chaudhuri, BB; Blumenstein, M
2018-11-26Fourier Transform based Features for Clean and Polluted Water Image ClassificationWu, X; Shivakumara, P; Zhu, L; Zhang, H; Shi, J; Lu, T; Pal, U; Blumenstein, M