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2022-04-11Salesforce output control and customer-oriented selling behavioursAmenuvor, FE; Basilisco, R; Boateng, H; Shin, KS; Im, D; Owusu-Antwi, K
2022-03-18Examining the consequences of adaptive selling behavior by door-to-door salespeople in the Korean cosmetic industryAmenuvor, FE; Yi, HT; Boateng, H
2022-01-01Building trust in the sharing economy by signaling trustworthiness, and satisfactionNyamekye, MB; Kosiba, JP; Boateng, H; Agbemabiese, GC
2022-01-01Antecedents of adaptive selling behaviour: a study of the Korean cosmetic industryAmenuvor, FE; Yi, HT; Boateng, H
2022-01-01Examining students’ satisfaction with online learning during the Covid-19 pandemic - an extended UTAUT2 approachKosiba, JPB; Odoom, R; Boateng, H; Twum, KK; Abdul-Hamid, IK
2021-09-30Formal salesforce control mechanisms and behavioral outcomesShin, KS; Amenuvor, FE; Boateng, H; Basilisco, R
2021-09-01Examining the relationship between customer bonding, customer participation, and customer satisfactionYi, HT; Yeo, CK; Amenuvor, FE; Boateng, H
2021-06-21The effect of foreign market knowledge on SME export performance: a study of non-traditional SMEs in GhanaAbubakari, A; Ofori, KS; Boateng, H; N’Da, K; Hinson, RE
2021-03-02The impact of entrepreneurial orientation on new product creativity, competitive advantage and new product performance in smes: The moderating role of corporate life cycleYi, HT; Amenuvor, FE; Boateng, H
2020-05-18Examining brand loyalty from an attachment theory perspectiveBoateng, H; Kosiba, JP; Adam, DR; Ofori, KS; Okoe, AF
2020Learning from a rapid transition to remote emergency teaching: Developing a typology of online business education designsHuber, E; McEwen, C; Bryant, P; Taylor, M; Arthars, N; Boateng, H
2019-10-01Understanding Australian Academic Authors in the Humanities and Social Sciences Their Publishing Experiences, Values, and PerspectivesMrva-Montoya, A; Luca, EJ; Boateng, H
2019-06-10Antecedents and consequences of customer engagement on Facebook: An attachment theory perspectiveHinson, R; Boateng, H; Renner, A; Kosiba, JPB
2019-04-25Internal and external financing of innovation: Sectoral differences in a longitudinal study of European firmsNylund, PA; Arimany-Serrat, N; Ferras-Hernandez, X; Viardot, E; Boateng, H; Brem, A
2019-02-11Determinants of consumers’ participation in the sharing economy: A social exchange perspective within an emerging economy contextBoateng, H; Kosiba, JPB; Okoe, AF
2019-01-14Tacit knowledge transfer from a master to an apprentice among hairdressersAgyemang, FG; Boateng, H
2019-01-01Customers' perceived risk and trust in using mobile money services-an empirical study of GhanaAbdul-Hamid, IK; Shaikh, AA; Boateng, H; Hinson, RE
2018-12-15Scholarly Communication Practices in Humanities and Social Sciences: A Study of Researchers’ Attitudes and Awareness of Open AccessNarayan, B; Luca, E; Tiffen, B; England, A; Booth, M; Boateng, H
2018-10-09Scholarly communication practices in humanities and social sciences: a study of researchers’ attitudes and awareness of open accessNarayan, B; Luca, E; Boateng, H; Tiffen, B; England, A; Booth, M
2018-09-03Effects of structural and bonding-based attachment on brand loyaltyAdam, DR; Ofori, KS; Okoe, AF; Boateng, H