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29-Dec-2016Understanding Cosmopolitan Consumers’ Repeat Purchasing In The Emarketplace: Contribution From A Brand Orientation Theoretical PerspectiveOsakwe, NC; Boateng, H; Popa, S; Chovancová, M; Soto-Acosta, P
29-Dec-2016Understanding cosmopolitan consumers’ repeat purchasing in the emarketplace: Contribution from a brand orientation theoretical perspectiveOsakwe, NC; Boateng, H; Popa, S; Chovancová, M; Soto-Acosta, P
6-Dec-2016The Warps and Wefts of Knowledge Creation: A Case of Kente WeavingBoateng, H; Narayan, B
Dec-2016Assessing the determinants of internet banking adoption intentions: A social cognitive theory perspectiveBoateng, H; Adam, DR; Okoe, AF; Anning-Dorson, T
30-Nov-2016An Evaluation of Corporate Social Responsibility Communication on the Websites of Telecommunication Companies Operating in Ghana: Impression Management PerspectivesBoateng, H; Abdul-Hamid
31-Aug-2016Consumers’ attitude towards social media advertising and their behavioural response: the moderating role of corporate reputationBoateng, H; Okoe, AF
27-Jul-2016Social media adoption among University Students: What is the role of gender, perceived usefulness and perceived ease of useDzandu, MD; Boateng, H; Agyemang, GF; Quansah, F
26-Jun-2016Consumers’ preference for Foreign Products: Do Family Communication Patterns and Self Esteem play a role?Okoe, FA; Boateng, H; Anning Dorson, T
31-Jan-2016Knowledge sharing among teachers: the role of the Big Five Personality TraitsAgyemang, GF; Dzandu, DM; Boateng, H
31-Jan-2016Does personal innovativeness moderate the effect of irritation on consumers’ attitudes towards mobile advertisingBoateng, H; Okoe, FA; Omane, AB
31-Jan-2016A qualitative insight into key determinants of knowledge sharing in a public sector institution in GhanaBoateng, H; Gyamfi Agyemang, F
2-Jan-2016An analysis of corporate social responsibility communication on the websites of banks operating in GhanaBoateng, H
1-Jan-2016Two-way communication on bank websites in Ghana: A data triangulation approachOkoe, AF; Boateng, H
1-Jan-2016The role of agreeableness trait and communal organisational culture in knowledge sharingBoateng, H; Agyemang, FG
1-Jan-2016Assessing the CSR information needs of Microfinance institutions’ (MFIs) customersOkoe, AF; Boateng, H
24-Nov-2015Determinants of consumers’ attitude towards social media advertisingBoateng, H; Okoe, AF
3-Aug-2015Dialogic communication on universities in Ghana libraries’ websitesAgyemang, FG; Boateng, H; Dzandu, MD
7-Jun-2015The Role of Culture in Knowledge Sharing in a Public-Sector Organization in Ghana: Revisiting Hofstede’s ModelBoateng, H; Agyemang, FG
13-Apr-2015The effects of demographic variables on knowledge sharingBoateng, H; Dzandu, MD; Agyemang, FG
Mar-2015Knowledge application in Ghanaian industriesBoateng, H; Narteh, B