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2-Sep-2015Overweight and Obesity in Television NewsBonfiglioli, C; Piazza, R; Haarman, L; Caborn, A
Jan-2014A Meaty Discourse: What Makes Meat News?Friedlander, J; Riedy, C; Bonfiglioli, C
Jan-2013Reporting obesity: how ethical is news coverage of this global health problem?Bonfiglioli, C; Elanie Steyn
Jan-2013Investigating the media power of a population health monitoring survey: case study of the NSW Schools Physical Activity and Nutrition Survey (SPANS)Espinel, P; Laws, R; Bonfiglioli, C; Hardy, LL; King, L
Jan-2013Fatty liver now an epidemicBonfiglioli, C
Jan-2013Drugs in SportBonfiglioli, C
Jan-2013Storm in a baby bottleBonfiglioli, C
Jan-2013Sequence your whole genome - a snip at $17,000Bonfiglioli, C
Jan-2013Risk: now you see it, now you don'tBonfiglioli, C
2013Can enterprise journalism she new light on health and science issues?Bonfiglioli, C
Jan-2012Medicine, the media and political interestsLipworth, W; Kerridge, I; Morrell, B; Bonfiglioli, C; Forsyth, R
Jan-2012Widening the debate about conflict of interest: addressing relationships between journalists and the pharmaceutical industryLipworth, W; Kerridge, I; Sweet, M; Jordens, C; Bonfiglioli, C; Forsyth, R
Jan-2012Experimental evidenceBonfiglioli, C
Jan-2012Confessions of an internet addictBonfiglioli, C
Jan-2012'Us' and 'them' - meeting the gaze of our fat selves.Bonfiglioli, C
Jan-2012Compulsory oversharing sweeps virtual communityBonfiglioli, C
Jan-2012iRobot, youRobot, weallRobotBonfiglioli, C
Jan-2011Australian print news media coverage of sweet, non-alcoholic drinks sends mixed health messagesBonfiglioli, C; Hattersley, L; King, L
Jan-2011Research-Inspired Learning Revitalises the Curriculum for First-Year Science MajorsKirkup, L; Bonfiglioli, C
Jan-2011Risky exercise - is physical activity losing the news race?Bonfiglioli, C; Smith, BJ; King, L; Chapman, S; Holding, S; Bauman, A