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Jan-2009Controlling newly established foreign subsidiaries in transition economiesBooth, PJ; Giacobbe, F; Wakefield, JA; Faff, R
Jan-2009Controlling international joint ventures: An investigation of Australian parent partnersGiacobbe, F; Booth, PJ
Jan-2009Knowledge transfer in project reviews: The effect of self-justification bias and moral hazardCheng, MM; Schulz, AK; Booth, PJ
Jan-2009An exploratory study of operational reasons to budgetSivabalan, P; Booth, PJ; Malmi, T; Brown, DA
Jan-2008Perspectives on multiple stakeholders and management control systems. Institutional and stakeholder theory: Friend or foe?Sundin, HJ; Brown, DA; Booth, PJ; Hartmann, FGH
Jan-2008Organisational characteristics, alternative reasons to budget and two budget formsSivabalan, P; Malmi, T; Booth, PJ; Brown, DA; Hay, D; Moroney, R
Jan-2007Budget participation and budget emphasis in low uncertainty conditions - Considering alternative reasons to budgetSivabalan, P; Booth, PJ; Malmi, T; Stewart, J; Hay, D
Jan-2006Alternative reasons to budget, firm and budgetary characteristics, and firm performanceSivabalan, P; Booth, PJ; Malmi, T; Brown, DA; Faff, R
Jan-2006The impact of ERP systems on firm and business process performanceWieder, B; Booth, PJ; Matolcsy, ZP; Ossimitz, M
Jan-2005Economic benefits of enterprise resource planning systems: some empirical evidenceMatolcsy, ZP; Booth, PJ; Wieder, B
Jan-2004The impact of an ethical environment on managers' project evaluation judgments under agency problem conditionsBooth, PJ; Schulz, AK
Jan-2004Technological and organizational influences on the adoption of activity-based costing in Australia.Brown, DA; Booth, PJ; Giacobbe, F
Jan-2003The effects of hurdle rates on the level of escalation of commitment in capital budgetingCheng, MM; Schulz, AK; Luckett, P; Booth, PJ