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2023-11-13Neural Marker Expression in Adipose-Derived Stem Cells Grown in PEG-Based 3D Matrix Is Enhanced in the Presence of B27 and CultureOne Supplements.Gomila Pelegri, N; Stanczak, AM; Bottomley, AL; Cummins, ML; Milthorpe, BK; Gorrie, CA; Padula, MP; Santos, J
2023-07-28Adipose-Derived Stem Cells Spontaneously Express Neural Markers When Grown in a PEG-Based 3D Matrix.Gomila Pelegri, N; Stanczak, AM; Bottomley, AL; Milthorpe, BK; Gorrie, CA; Padula, MP; Santos, J
2022-03-01Synthesis and biological evaluation of tetrahydroisoquinoline-derived antibacterial compounds.Payne, M; Bottomley, AL; Och, A; Hiscocks, HG; Asmara, AP; Harry, EJ; Ung, AT
2021-10Synthesis and biological evaluation of 3,5-substituted pyrazoles as possible antibacterial agents.Payne, M; Bottomley, AL; Och, A; Asmara, AP; Harry, EJ; Ung, AT
2021-03-15A newly identified prophage-encoded gene, <i>ymfM</i>, causes SOS-inducible filamentation in <i>Escherichia coli</i>.Ansari, S; Walsh, JC; Bottomley, AL; Duggin, IG; Burke, C; Harry, EJ
2020-08-16Rapid Antibacterial Activity of Cannabichromenic Acid against Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus aureus.Galletta, M; Reekie, TA; Nagalingam, G; Bottomley, AL; Harry, EJ; Kassiou, M; Triccas, JA
2020-02-13Characterising the mechanism of action of an ancient antimicrobial, honey, using modern transcriptomicsBouzo, D; Cokcetin, NN; Li, L; Ballerin, G; Bottomley, AL; Lazenby, J; Whitchurch, CB; Paulsen, IT; Hassan, KA; Harry, EJ
2020-01-13Heritable nanosilver resistance in priority pathogen: a unique genetic adaptation and comparison with ionic silver and antibiotics.Valentin, E; Bottomley, AL; Chilambi, GS; Harry, EJ; Amal, R; Sotiriou, GA; Rice, SA; Gunawan, C
2019-10-01SosA inhibits cell division in Staphylococcus aureus in response to DNA damageBojer, MS; Wacnik, K; Kjelgaard, P; Gallay, C; Bottomley, AL; Cohn, MT; Lindahl, G; Frees, D; Veening, JW; Foster, SJ; Ingmer, H
2019-08-09FtsZ as an Antibacterial Target: Status and Guidelines for Progressing This AvenueKusuma, KD; Payne, M; Ung, AT; Bottomley, AL; Harry, EJ
2019-01-01In silico analysis of ftsz crystal structures towards a new target for antibioticsKusuma, KD; Griffith, R; Harry, EJ; Bottomley, AL; Ung, AT
2017-08-23Coordination of chromosome segregation and cell division in Staphylococcus aureusBottomley, AL; Liew, ATF; Kusuma, KD; Peterson, E; Seidel, L; Foster, SJ; Harry, EJ
2017-06-08Metabolic adaptations of Uropathogenic E. coli in the urinary tractMann, R; Mediati, DG; Duggin, IG; Harry, EJ; Bottomley, AL
2017-01-01Immobilization techniques of bacteria for live super-resolution imaging using structured illumination microscopyBottomley, AL; Turnbull, L; Whitchurch, CB; Harry, EJ
2017-01-01DNA condensation in live E. coli provides evidence for transertionGorle, AK; Bottomley, AL; Harry, EJ; Collins, JG; Keene, FR; Woodward, CE
2014-02-01Dinuclear ruthenium(ii) antimicrobial agents that selectively target polysomes in vivoLi, F; Harry, EJ; Bottomley, AL; Edstein, MD; Birrell, GW; Woodward, CE; Keene, FR; Collins, JG
2014-01-01Division site positioning in bacteria: One size does not fit allMonahan, LG; Liew, ATF; Bottomley, AL; Harry, EJ
2014-01-01Differential localization of LTA synthesis proteins and their interaction with the cell division machinery in Staphylococcus aureusReichmann, NT; Piçarra Cassona, C; Monteiro, JM; Bottomley, AL; Corrigan, RM; Foster, SJ; Pinho, MG; Gründling, A
2014-01-01Staphylococcus aureusDivIB is a peptidoglycan-binding protein that is required for a morphological checkpoint in cell divisionBottomley, AL; Kabli, AF; Hurd, AF; Turner, RD; Garcia-Lara, J; Foster, SJ
2011-04-01Multiple essential roles for EzrA in cell division of Staphylococcus aureusSteele, VR; Bottomley, AL; Garcia-Lara, J; Kasturiarachchi, J; Foster, SJ