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2023-01-05Reassessing assessment : what can post stroke aphasia assessment learn from research on assessment in education?Hersh, D; Boud, D
2022-12-09The pivotal role of student assessment in work-integrated learningBoud, D; Costley, C; Cranfield, S; Desai, J; Nikolou-Walker, E; Nottingham, P; Wilson, D
2022-12-08More Than Assessment Task Designde St Jorre, TJ; Boud, D
2022-12-08Promoting Equity and Social Justice through Assessment for InclusionTai, J; Ajjawi, R; Boud, D; de St Jorre, TJ
2022-12-08Moving ForwardAjjawi, R; Boud, D; Tai, J; de St Jorre, TJ
2022-11-01Correction to: Digital ethnography in higher education teaching and learning—a methodological review (Higher Education, (2022), 84, 5, (1143-1162), 10.1007/s10734-022-00838-4)Jensen, LX; Bearman, M; Boud, D; Konradsen, F
2022-11-01Digital ethnography in higher education teaching and learning—a methodological reviewJensen, LX; Bearman, M; Boud, D; Konradsen, F
2022-11-01The post-COVID-19 future of digital learning in higher education: Views from educators, students, and other professionals in six countriesGuppy, N; Verpoorten, D; Boud, D; Lin, L; Tai, J; Bartolic, S
2022-10-01Creating and sustaining collaborative connections: tensions and enabling factors in joint international programme developmentJoughin, G; Bearman, M; Boud, D; Lockyer, J; Adachi, C
2022-08-09A multi-institutional assessment of changes in higher education teaching and learning in the face of COVID-19Bartolic, SK; Boud, D; Agapito, J; Verpoorten, D; Williams, S; Lutze-Mann, L; Matzat, U; Moreno, MM; Polly, P; Tai, J; Marsh, HL; Lin, L; Burgess, J-L; Habtu, S; Rodrigo, MMM; Roth, M; Heap, T; Guppy, N
2022-08-01Assessment-as-learning for the development of students' evaluative judgementBoud, D
2022-08-01Conceptualising assessment-as-learningYan, Z; Boud, D
2022-01-01Measuring what matters: the positioning of students in feedback processes within national student satisfaction surveysWinstone, NE; Ajjawi, R; Dirkx, K; Boud, D
2022-01-01From feedback-as-information to feedback-as-process: a linguistic analysis of the feedback literatureWinstone, N; Boud, D; Dawson, P; Heron, M
2022-01-01The use of a guided peer review assessment for investigative interviewers of child witnessesBrubacher, SP; Powell, MB; Steele, LC; Boud, D
2022-01-01Developing student feedback literacy through self and peer assessment interventionsHoo, HT; Deneen, C; Boud, D
2022-01-01Fostering student motivation and engagement with feedback through ipsative processesMalecka, B; Boud, D
2022-01-01The effect of self-assessment on academic performance and the role of explicitness: a meta-analysisYan, Z; Wang, X; Boud, D; Lao, H
2022-01-01What feedback literate teachers do: an empirically-derived competency frameworkBoud, D; Dawson, P
2022-01-01The assessment challenge of social and collaborative learning in higher educationBoud, D; Bearman, M