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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017-01-01From liability to opportunity: An institutional approach towards value-based land remediationPlant, R; Boydell, S; Prior, J; Chong, J; Lederwasch, A
2016-08-31Value-based Land Remediation: Improved Decision-making for Contaminated Land (CRC CARE Technical Report No. 35)Plant, RA; Chong, J; Lederwasch, A; Prior, J; Asker, S; Boydell, S
2015Towards the valuation of unregistered landMcDermott, MD; Selebalo, C; Boydell, S
2014-10-01Industrial ecology and carbon property rightsGiurco, D; Prior, J; Boydell, S
2014-03-28Using Trust Structures to Manage Customary Land in Melanesia: What lessons can be learnt from the iTaukei Land Trust Board in FijiBoydell, S; Baya, U
2013-02-07Noxious neighbours? interrogating the impacts of sex premises in residential areasHubbard, P; Boydell, S; Crofts, P; Prior, J; Searle, G
2013-01A 21st Century Citizen in a Brave New RepublicBoydell, S; Arvanitakis, J; Matthews, I
2013-01How Common - Sex, Malls, and Urban ParksBoydell, S; Ruming, K; Randolph, B; Gurran, N
2013-01Resource Development on Customary Land - Using Option Pricing Theory to Share the Benefits from the Exploitation of Land Based ResourcesBoydell, S; Baya, U; Deininger, K
2012-06-01Nocturnal rights to the city: Property, propriety and sex premises in inner SydneyPrior, J; Boydell, S; Hubbard, P
2012-01-20Project management maturity: a critical analysis of existing and emergent factorsPasian, B; Sankaran, S; Boydell, S
2012-01Five Questions on the RepublicBoydell, S; Arvanitakis, J
2012-01Resource Development on Customary Land - Managing the Complexity through a Pro-Development Compensation SolutionBoydell, S; Baya, U; Deininger Klaus, W
2011-12-01Formulating an equitable pro-development compensation model - Lessons from the pacificBoydell, S; Baya, U
2011-01The local impacts of sex industry premises: Imagination, reality and implications for planningSearle, GH; Boydell, S; Crofts, P; Hubbard, P; Prior, JH; Maginn, P
2011-01Factors for designing a second generation of project management maturity modelsPasian, B; Sankaran, S; Boydell, S; Kardon, J
2011-01The Self Aware Project ManagerNugapitiya, M; Healy, PL; Boydell, S; Hobbs, B
2010-12-01Understanding property rights in carbon: A methodological inquiryPrior, J; Boydell, S
2010-12-01The contemporary urban commons - A case study of Darling Harbour, SydneyBoydell, S; Searle, G
2010-01Using an integrated assessment model for urban development to respond to climate change in citiesBoydell, S; Giurco, D; Rickwood, P; Glazebrook, GJ; Zeibots, ME; White, S; Bose, RK