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1-Jan-2018The impact of inquiry orientation and other elements of cultural framework on student engagement in first year laboratory programsBraun, M; Kirkup, L; Chadwick, S
18-Sep-2017Photodynamics of quantum emitters in hexagonal boron nitride revealed by low-temperature spectroscopySontheimer, B; Braun, M; Nikolay, N; Sadzak, N; Aharonovich, I; Benson, O
1-Jan-2017Comparative evaluation of online and in-class student team presentationsBraun, M
1-Jan-2016A comparison of student and demonstrator perceptions of laboratory-based, inquiry-oriented learning experiencesKirkup, L; Varadharajan, M; Braun, M
9-Dec-2015Non-physics peer demonstrators in undergraduate laboratories: A study of students' perceptionsBraun, M; Kirkup, L
30-Sep-2015Reciprocal Peer Teaching for Problem-Solving Teams in a Senior-Year Science CourseBraun, M; Schulte, J; Davila, YC; Yeung, A
14-Jul-2014Matching the background of demonstrators with those of their students: does it make a difference?Kirkup, L; Varadharajan, M; Braun, M; Buffler, A; Lubben, F
1-Mar-2013Magnetic resonance scan-time reduction using echo predictionPaul, JS; Prasad, M; Venkatesan, R; Braun, M
1-May-2009Amendment of soil with coal fly ash modified the burrowing habits of two earthworm speciesYunusa, IAM; Braun, M; Lawrie, R
20-Dec-2006Reducing the influence of spatial resolution to improve quantitative accuracy in emission tomography: A comparison of potential strategiesHutton, BF; Olsson, A; Som, S; Erlandsson, K; Braun, M
Jan-2006Image registration techniques in nuclear medicine imagingHutton, B; Braun, M; Slomka, P; Zaidi, H
1-Jan-2003Smoothness-based forces for deformable models: A long-range force and a corner fitting forceZhang, Z; Braun, M
1-Jan-2003Software for image registration: Algorithms, accuracy, efficacyHutton, BF; Braun, M
6-Apr-2002Image registration: An essential tool for nuclear medicineHutton, BF; Braun, M; Thurfjell, L; Lau, DY
5-May-2001Non-rigid image registration using a median-filtered coarse-to-fine displacement field and a symmetric correlation ratioLau, YH; Braun, M; Hutton, BF