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1-May-2019A kriging surrogate model for uncertainty analysis of graphene based on a finite element methodShi, J; Chu, L; Braun, R
8-Feb-2019Dynamic light path establishment in switch fabric using openFlowQureshi, S; Braun, R
8-Feb-2019Agent based modeling of a flange climb derailmentHakim, G; Braun, R
29-Jan-2019Assessment Design for Studio-Based LearningBraun, R; Brookes, W; Hadgraft, R; Chaczko, Z
16-Jan-2019A Multi-agent Controller to enable Cognition in Software Defined NetworksChemalamarri, VD; Braun, R; Lipman, J; Abolhasan, M
2-Aug-2018First experiences of studios in the new data engineering programBraun, R; Miller, G; Chaczko, Z; Brookes, W
2-Aug-2018Flipped gaming-testing three simulation gamesVold, T; Haave, H; Ranglund, OJS; Venemyr, GO; Bakken, BT; Kionig, L; Braun, R
16-Jan-2018Mobility management of D2D communication for the 5G cellular network system: A study and resultBarua, S; Braun, R
1-Jan-2018A novel software-defined networking controller: The Distributed Active Information Model (DAIM)Pupatwibul, P; Banjar, A; Hossain, I; Braun, R; Moulton, B
13-Oct-2017Using Matlab modeling in cody to teach Teletraffic engineeringBraun, R; Chaczko, Z
13-Oct-2017Flipped gaming for enhanced learning outcome crisis preparedness coursesVenemyr, GO; Bakken, BT; Kionig, L; Ranglund, OJS; Holen, S; Haave, H; Vold, T; Braun, R
13-Oct-2017Student input-A case of an extended flipped classroomVold, T; Bergum, S; Ranglund, OJS; Kionig, L; Bakken, G; Kaloudis, A; Braun, R
13-Oct-2017Learning data engineering: Creating IoT apps using the node-RED and the RPI technologiesChaczko, Z; Braun, R
13-Oct-2017A new strategy for higher education and training: Peer support system for practical laboratoriesGiampietro, C; Chaczko, Z; De La Villefromoy, M; Braun, R
28-Nov-2016Gradual structuring: Evolving the spreadsheet paradigm for expressiveness and learnabilityMiller, G; Hermans, F; Braun, R
28-Nov-2016Using games for teaching crisis communication in higher education and trainingRanglund, OJ; Kionig, L; Holen, S; Vold, T; Venemyr, GO; Bakken, BT; Braun, R
28-Nov-2016Exploring positive deviance for enhancing learning outcomes in higher education and trainingKionig, L; Vold, T; Braun, R
28-Nov-2016Position paper: BE(Hons) data engineeringBraun, R; Brookes, W; Chaczko, Z; Hadgraft, R
28-Nov-2016Flipped classroom -Students as producersVoid, T; Braun, R; Lundesgaard, D
7-Nov-2016A novel approach of mobility management for the D2D communications in 5G mobile cellular network systemBarua, S; Braun, R