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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021-01-29The IKEA x UTS Future Living Lab as a Learning LaboratoryBrejzek, T; Wallen, LP
2019-04-03Bauhaus now! Design and performative strategiesBrejzek, T; Mayer, C
2019-01-30Designing the Threshold: A Close Reading of Olafur Eliasson’s Approach to ‘Inside’ and ‘Outside’Dincer, D; Brejzek, T; Wallen, L
2018-11Oberflaechenaesthetik und Raumtiefe. Die Medienfassade zwischen allopoietischer Realitaet und autopoietischer Vision [Surface Aesthetics and Depth of Space. The Media façade between allopoietic reality and autopoietic vision]Brejzek, T; Haeusler, MH; Guenzel, S
2018-04-03Cosmopoiesis, or: making worlds. Notes on the radical model worlds of Anna ViebrockBrejzek, T; Wallen, L
2018-04-03On modelsBrejzek, T; Wallen, L
2018SceneryBrejzek, T; Aronson, A
2018The Artist's Studio and the Scientist's Laboratory, Or: Some Observations on Spaces of Experimental EpistemologyBrejzek, T; Burkle, S
2017The Model as Performance: Staging Space in Theatre and ArchitectureBrejzek, T; Wallen, L
2017Between Symbolic Representation and New Critical Realism: Architecture as Scenography and Scenography as ArchitectureBrejzek, T; McKinney, J; Palmer, S
2016Unstable Architectures: Camping, Modernism and BeyondBrejzek, T; Wallen, L; Perren, C; Breen Lovett, S
2015-12-05Space and Spolia: From Topos to TritopoiBrejzek, T
2015-11-11Spatial Practice. SchlemmerBrejzek, T
2015-07-07Scenographies of State: The Staging of Democracy in the Performative Spaces of National and Transnational Parliaments I: ChandigarhBrejzek, T
2015-04-03The scenographic (re-)turn: figures of surface, space and spectator in theatre and architecture theory 1680–1980Brejzek, T
2015-04-01Derealisation, Perception and Site: Some Notes on the Doppelgänger SpaceBrejzek, T; Wallen, L; Perren, C; Mlecek, M
2015Experts of the Every-Space: On Critical Space-making Strategies in Cargo Sofia X / Cargo Asia and Ciudades Paralelas – Parallel CitiesBrejzek, T; Birgfeld, J; Garde, U; Mumford, M
2014-11-02After the rupture: Restoration or revolution?Brejzek, T; Falkenberg, P
2014-09The 1:1 Architectural Model as Performance and DoubleBrejzek, T; Wallen, L; Arvanda, E; Atmodiwirjo, P; Berger, M; Carmel-Gilfilen, C; Paramita, KD; Widyarta, MN; Yatmo, YA
2014-07-29Stages of Disaster: On Stratification and CollapseBrejzek, T