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2023-12A single case series of imagery rescripting of intrusive autobiographical memories in depression.Stavropoulos, A; Brockman, R; Hayes, C; Rogers, K; Berle, D
2022-01-01A qualitative inquiry into the acceptability of schema therapy in Hong Kong and Singapore: implications for cultural responsiveness in the practice of schema therapyMao, A; Brockman, R; Neo, HLM; Siu, SHC; Liu, X; Rhodes, P
2022The application of imagery rescripting to intrusive autobiographical memories in depressionStavropoulos, A; Brockman, R; Berle, D
2021-12-05The impact of personality disorders and personality traits on psychotherapy treatment outcome of eating disorders: A systematic review.Simpson, S; Azam, F; Brown, S; Hronis, A; Brockman, R
2021-04-24Use of a mindfulness application to promote students' mental well-being during COVID-19-era.Rath, A; Wong, M; Wong, N; Brockman, R
2021-01-01Empowering the voices and agency of Indigenous Australian youth and their wellbeing in higher education<sup>✰</sup>Durmush, G; Craven, RG; Brockman, R; Yeung, AS; Mooney, J; Turner, K; Guenther, J
2020-11-01Decolonising clinical psychology: National and international perspectivesCullen, K; Rhodes, P; Brockman, R; Hunt, C; Langtiw, CL
2020-09-09Repetitive negative thinking in eating disorders: Identifying and bypassing over-analysing coping modes and building schema attunementBrockman, R; Stavropoulos, A
2020-07-01A schema mode model of repetitive negative thinkingStavropoulos, A; Haire, M; Brockman, R; Meade, T
2020-01-01Spatial working memory, not IQ or executive function, discriminates early psychosis and clinically vulnerable creative individualsCrabtree, J; Hudson, JL; Brockman, R; Newton-John, T
2020-01Discrimination as a frame-of-reference effect in overlapping friendship communities of ethnically diverse youth.Sahdra, BK; Ciarrochi, J; Parker, PD; Craven, R; Brockman, R; Devine, EK; Conigrave, J; Chang, DF
2019-11Barriers and facilitators to the implementation of a stepped care intervention for personality disorder in mental health services.Pigot, M; Miller, CE; Brockman, R; Grenyer, BFS
2019-10-31Schema in older adults: does the schema mode model apply?Phillips, K; Brockman, R; Bailey, PE; Kneebone, II
2019-01-02Young Schema Questionnaire – Short Form Version 3 (YSQ-S3): Preliminary validation in older adultsPhillips, K; Brockman, R; Bailey, PE; Kneebone, II
2018-01-09Group schema therapy for eating disorders: Study protocolCalvert, F; Smith, E; Brockman, R; Simpson, S
2017-03-04Emotion regulation strategies in daily life: mindfulness, cognitive reappraisal and emotion suppressionBrockman, R; Ciarrochi, J; Parker, P; Kashdan, T