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Jan-2014Collaborative approaches towards building midwifery capacity in low income countries: A reviewof experiencesDawson, A; Brodie, PM; Copeland, FH; Rumsey, M; Homer, CS
Jan-2013'Midwifing the midwives': Addressing the empowerment, safety of, and respect for, the world's midwivesBrodie, PM
Dec-2012Reviewing and reflecting on practice: The midwives experiences of credentiallingSmith, RM; Brodie, PM; Homer, CS
Sep-2012Is Asian ethnicity an independent risk factor for severe perineal trauma in childbirth? A systematic review of the literatureWheeler, J; Davis, DL; Fry, M; Brodie, PM; Homer, CS
Sep-2012Developing a Core Competency Model and Educational Framework for Primary Maternity Services: A national consensus approachHomer, CS; Griffiths, M; Brodie, PM; Kildea, S; Curtin, AM; Ellwood, D
Jan-2011Relationships - the glue that holds it all together' Midwifery continuity of care and sustainabilityLeap, N; Dahlen, HG; Brodie, PM; Tracy, SK; Thorpe, J; Davies, L; Dallenbach, R; Kensington, M
Jan-2009The role of the midwife in Australia: Views of women and midwivesHomer, CS; Passant, L; Brodie, PM; Kildea, SV; Leap, N; Pincombe, J; Thorogood, C
Jan-2009Transforming the Culture of a Maternity Service: St George Hospital, Sydney, AustraliaBrodie, PM; Homer, CS; Davis-FLoyd, R; Barclay, L; Daviss, BA; Tritten, J
Jan-2009Co-Production and Health System Reform - From Re-Imagining To Re-MakingDunston, R; Lee, A; Boud, DJ; Brodie, PM; Chiarella, M
Jan-2008From ideal to real: the interface between birth territory and the maternity service organizationBrodie, PM; Leap, N; Fahy, K; Foureur, M; Hastie, C
Jan-2007The development of national competency standards for the midwife in AustraliaHomer, CS; Passant, L; Kildea, SV; Pincombe, J; Thorogood, C; Leap, N; Brodie, PM
Jan-2006Maternity care in the bush: Using the internet to provide educational resources to isolated practitionersKildea, SV; Barclay, L; Brodie, PM
Jan-2002Addressing the Barriers to Midwifery: Australian midwives speaking outBrodie, PM
Jan-2001Collaboration in Maternity Care: A randomised controlled trial comparing community-based continuity of care with standard hospital careHomer, CS; Davis, GK; Brodie, PM; Sheehan, A; Barclay, L; Wills, J; Chapman, M
Jan-2001Contemporary Issues in Australian Midwifery RegulationBrodie, PM; Barclay, L