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2021-09Beyond the decision to ally: Constraints on adapting to emergent control risksSutton, N; Brown, DA
2021-07-06SARS-CoV-2 neutralizing antibodies: Longevity, breadth, and evasion by emerging viral variants.Tea, F; Ospina Stella, A; Aggarwal, A; Ross Darley, D; Pilli, D; Vitale, D; Merheb, V; Lee, FXZ; Cunningham, P; Walker, GJ; Fichter, C; Brown, DA; Rawlinson, WD; Isaacs, SR; Mathivanan, V; Hoffmann, M; Pöhlman, S; Mazigi, O; Christ, D; Dwyer, DE; Rockett, RJ; Sintchenko, V; Hoad, VC; Irving, DO; Dore, GJ; Gosbell, IB; Kelleher, AD; Matthews, GV; Brilot, F; Turville, SG
2020-10-01Moving towards sustainability: A theoretical design of environmental performance measurement systemsPham, H; Sutton, BG; Brown, PJ; Brown, DA
2019-08-01Managing systemic uncertainty: The role of industry-level management controls and hybridsThambar, PJ; Brown, DA; Sivabalan, P
2019-05-31Control and empowerment as an organising paradox: implications for management control systemsLewis, RL; Brown, DA; Sutton, NC
2019-05-01Electrophysiological guidance of epidural electrode array implantation over the human lumbosacral spinal cord to enable motor function after chronic paralysisCalvert, JS; Grahn, PJ; Strommen, JA; Lavrov, IA; Beck, LA; Gill, ML; Linde, MB; Brown, DA; Van Straaten, MG; Veith, DD; Lopez, C; Sayenko, DG; Gerasimenko, YP; Edgerton, VR; Zhao, KD; Lee, KH
2017-01-01Greening the black box: integrating the environment and management control systemsSundin, H; Brown, DA
2016-06-01The illusion of no control: Management control systems facilitating autonomous motivation in university researchSutton, NC; Brown, DA
2016-05-15CLIC1 regulates dendritic cell antigen processing and presentation by modulating phagosome acidification and proteolysisSalao, K; Jiang, L; Li, H; Tsai, VWW; Husaini, Y; Curmi, PMG; Brown, LJ; Brown, DA; Breit, SN
2016-01-01Studying MCS package design through managers’ incremental control choicesSutton, NC; Brown, DA
2016-01-01Extending the decision to ‘ally’: the inter-dependencies between hybrid governance structure and inter-firm management control systemsSutton, NC; Brown, DA
2015-09-30Extending the decision to ‘ally’: disentangling the interdependent control capacities of hybrid governance structures and embedded management control systemsSutton, NC; Brown, DA
2012-01-01An Integrated Package of Environmental Management Control SystemsBrown, DA; Baker, M; Malmi, T; Gregoriou, GN; Finch, N
2010-06-01Balancing multiple competing objectives with a balanced scorecardSundin, H; Granlund, M; Brown, DA
2009-12-01An exploratory study of operational reasons to budgetSivabalan, P; Booth, P; Malmi, T; Brown, DA
2008-12-01Management control systems as a package-Opportunities, challenges and research directionsMalmi, T; Brown, DA
2008-07-01Balanced scorecard design and performance impacts: some Australian evidenceBedford, DS; Brown, DA; Malmi, T; Sivabalan, P
2008-01Management control systems and generational differences: An exploratory case study of a professional services firmBrown, DA; Petroulas, E; Sundin, HJ; Hay, D; Moroney, R
2008-01Management control systems and generational differences: An exploratory case study of a professional services firmBrown, DA; Petroulas, E; Sundin, HJ; Hartmann, FGH
2008-01Management control systems in enabling university research performanceSutton, NC; Brown, DA; Hartmann, FGH