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2021-09-01Latent Class Analysis for Estimating an Unknown Population Size – with Application to CensusesBaffour, B; Brown, JJ; Smith, PWF
2019-01-01The framework for estimating coverage in the 2011 Census of England and Wales: Combining dual-system estimation with ratio estimationBrown, JJ; Sexton, C; Abbott, O; Smith, PA
2019-01-01Primary care experience of older Australians with chronic illnessSaunders, C; Carter, D; Brown, JJ
2018-12-01Chronic disease management support in Australian workplaces—low base, rising needSaunders, C; Brown, JJ; Carter, DJ; Lapkin, S
2018-03-28Understanding Public Expectations of Healthcare Quality and Safety Regulation in Australia.Carter, D; Brown, JJ; Saunders, CM
2018-01-01Small area estimation strategy for the 2011 Census in England and WalesBaffour, B; Silva, D; Veiga, A; Sexton, C; Brown, JJ
2017-07-03Sufficiency Revisited: Rethinking Statistical Algorithms in the Big Data EraLee, JYL; Brown, JJ; Ryan, LM
2017-03-01The Australian Census Longitudinal Dataset: using record linkage to create a longitudinal sample from a series of cross-sectionsChipperfield, J; Brown, JJ; Watson, N
2016-01-01Gender inequalities in employment and wage-earning among internal labour migrants in Chinese citiesQin, M; Brown, JJ; Padmadas, SS; Li, B; Qi, J; Falkingham, J
2015-12-04Can we use the approaches of ecological inference to learn about the potential for dependence bias in dualsystem estimation? An application to cancer registration dataBrown, JJ; Beh, EJ; Hudson, IL; Weber, T; McPhee, MJ; Anderssen, RS
2015-12-01Future Models for Population Census: Can We Have an Administrative Based Census without a Population Register?Brown, JJ
2014-01-01The use of sample weights in multivariate multilevel models with an application to income data collected by using a rotating panel surveyVeiga, A; Smith, PWF; Brown, JJ
2014-01-01HIV awareness in China among women of reproductive age (1997-2005): A decomposition analysisMaslovskaya, O; Brown, JJ; Smith, PWF; Padmadas, SS
2013-01-01An investigation of triple system estimators in censusesBaffour, B; Brown, JJ; Smith, PWF
2012-01Design and Estimation of Surveys to Measure Data Quality Aspects of Administrative DataBrown, JJ; Honchar, O
2012-01Small Area Estimation for Policy Development: A Case Study of Child Undernutrition in GhanaJohnson, FA; Chandra, H; Brown, JJ; PADMADAS, SS
2011-01-01Reweighting the general household survey 1979-2007.Beaujouan, E; Brown, JJ; Ní Bhrolcháin, M
2011-01Reweighting the general household survey 1979-2007.Beaujouan, E; Brown, JJ; Ní Bhrolcháin, M
2011-01Reweighting the General Household Survey 1979-2007Beaujouan, E; Brown, JJ; Bhrolcháin, MN
2011-01A feasibility study for a survey of migrantsSmith, P; Cleary, A; Jones, M; Johnston, S; Bremner, P; Brown, JJ; Wiggins, R