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2017Preparing Teachers through International Experience: A Collaborative Critical Analysis of Four Australian ProgramsBuchanan, JD; Major, J; Harbon, L; Kearney, S
2016School micro-politics and the beginning teacher: An Australian studyBuchanan, JD
1-Apr-2015How do early career teachers value different types of support? A scale-adjusted latent class choice modelBurke, PF; Aubusson, PJ; Schuck, SR; Buchanan, JD; Prescott, AE
Jan-2012Retaining effective early career teachers in NSW schoolsSchuck, SR; Aubusson, PJ; Buchanan, JD; Louviere, JJ; Burke, PF; Prescott, AE
Jan-2011Quality teaching: Means for its enhancement?Buchanan, JD
Jan-2011Embedding education for sustainable development in curriculum: Chalks walking the talk?Buchanan, JD
Jan-2010"I speak textbook Jewish": Confessions of an outsiderBuchanan, JD
Jan-2009Dealing with Difference: Building Culturally Responsive ClassroomsBurridge, N; Buchanan, JD; Chodkiewicz, AK; Jakubowicz a
Jan-2009The use of teachers' expertise in subsequent careers: Brain drain, skill spill?Buchanan, JD
Jan-2008Making sense of teaching through shared observation and conversationAubusson, PJ; Buchanan, JD; Schuck, SR; Russell, T; Heston, M; Tidwell, D; East, K; Fitzgerald, L
Jan-2007Civics Education: Questions we should be answering and answers we should be questioning.Buchanan, JD
Jan-2007Sharing and supporting through an online network: Four studies with newly appointed teachers.Schuck, SR; Prescott, AE; Buchanan, JD; Jeffery, PL
Jan-2006Splashing in puddles? What my teaching and research tell me about my teaching and researchBuchanan, JD; Aubusson, P; Schuck, S
Jan-2006Itadakimasu: Who's getting the most out of Asia education in Australia?Buchanan, JD
Jan-2006What they should have told me: six beginning teachers' reflections on their pre-service education in the light of their early career experiencesBuchanan, JD
Jan-2005Towards a future for the study of Asia in Australia. Asia on a shoestring?Buchanan, JD
Jan-2004The world is your oyster, but where's the pearl? Getting the most out of global educationBuchanan, JD; Harris, B
Jan-2004The Thais that bind: the contribution of an international practicum to students' intercultural understandingBuchanan, JD
Jan-2003Are we there yet? Preservice teachers' constructs of Asia and their readiness to teach about AsiaBuchanan, JD