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2019-12-01Choice of acquisition form in Australia and the post-takeover employment of target firm directors on the acquiring firm boardBugeja, M; da Silva Rosa, R; Izan, HY; Ngan, S
2019-03-01Are qualified and experienced outside directors willing to join fraudulent firms and if so, why?Ghannam, S; Bugeja, M; Matolcsy, ZP; Spiropoulos, H
2019-01-01Is there an association between Vice-Chancellors’ compensation and external performance measures?Bugeja, M; Govendir, B; Matolcsy, Z; Pazmandy, G
2019-01-01The probability of informed trading and mergers and acquisitionsBugeja, M; Lu, M; Shan, Y; To, T
2018-12-06Is there a governance failure in corporatised Australian Government Business Enterprises? Evidence from their Chief Executive Officers’ compensation.Pazmandy, G; Bugeja, M; Matolcsy, Z
2018-05-31Is there a governance failure in Australian government business enterprises? Evidence from their CEO compensationPazmandy, GP; Bugeja, M; Matolcsy, Z
2018-05-30Is there an association between Vice Chancellors' compensation and University performanceBugeja, M; Govendir, B; Matolcsy, Z; Pazmandy, G
2017-08-01Is non-executive directors’ pay or industry expertise related to takeover premiums, abnormal returns and offer price revisions?Bugeja, M; Matolcsy, Z; Mehdi, W; Spiropoulos, H
2017-05-01Accounting for business combinations and takeover premiums: Pre- and post-IFRSBugeja, M; Loyeung, A
2017-04-01The CEO pay slice: Managerial power or efficient contracting? Some indirect evidenceBugeja, M; Matolcsy, Z; Spiropoulos, H
2016-12-01The Association Between Gender-Diverse Compensation Committees and CEO CompensationBugeja, M; Matolcsy, Z; Spiropoulos, H
2016-11-28Life after a Shareholder Pay 'Strike': Consequences for ASX-Listed FirmsBugeja, M; da Silva Rosa, R; Shan, Y; Walter, TS; Yermack, D
2016-09-01Determinants of the levels and changes in non-executive director compensationBugeja, M; Fohn, S; Matolcsy, Z
2016-08-06Is There an Association between Vice Chancellors' (University Presidents') Compensation and University Rankings in Australia?Bugeja, M; Govendir, B; Matolcsy, Z; Pazmandy, GP
2015-12-01What drives the allocation of the purchase price to goodwill?Bugeja, M; Loyeung, A
2015-01-01The impact of the management approach on segment reportingBugeja, M; Czernkowski, R; Moran, D
2015-01-01To scheme or bid? Choice of takeover method and impact on premiumBugeja, M; da Silva Rosa, R; Izan, HY; Ngan, S
2012-12-01Public versus private takeovers of Australian stock exchange listed targetsBugeja, M; Sinelnikov, K
2012-11-01CEO Compensation from M&As in AustraliaBugeja, M; Da Silva Rosa, R; Duong, L; Izan, HY
2012-09-01Is there a gender gap in CEO compensation?Bugeja, M; Matolcsy, ZP; Spiropoulos, H