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Oct-2016Correspondence Between Urban Bird Roosts and the Presence of Aerosolised Fungal Pathogens.Irga, PJ; Armstrong, B; King, WL; Burchett, M; Torpy, FR
2015Chapter 8: Reducing indoor air pollutants through biotechnology.Torpy, FR; Burchett, M; Irga, P; Torgal, FP; Labrincha, JA; Diamanti, MV; Yu, C-P; Lee, HK
Jan-2014Profiling indoor plants for the amelioration of high CO2 concentrationsTorpy, FR; Irga, PJ; Burchett, M
Jan-2013Do indoor plants contribute to the aeromycota in city buildings?Torpy, FR; Irga, PJ; Brennan, JP; Burchett, M
Jan-2013Characterization and biostimulation of benzene biodegradation in the potting-mix of indoor plantsTorpy, FR; Irga, PJ; Moldovan, D; Tarran, J; Burchett, M
Jan-2013Can hydroculture be used to enhance the performance of indoor plants for the removal of air pollutants?Irga, PJ; Torpy, FR; Burchett, M
Jan-2012Reproductive Biology Of A Threatened Australian Saltmarsh Plant - Wilsonia BackhouseiSommerville, KD; Pulkownik, A; Burchett, M
Jan-2012Application of coal fly ash in agriculture: A strategic perspectiveYunusa, IA; Loganathan, L; Nissanka, SP; Manoharan, V; Burchett, M; Skilbeck, G; Eamus, D
Jan-2010Assessments of Class F fly ashes for amelioration of soil acidity and their influence on growth and uptake of Mo and Se by canolaVeeragathipillai, M; Yunusa, IA; Loganathan, L; Lawrie, R; Skilbeck, G; Burchett, M; Murray, B; Eamus, D
Jan-2009Photosynthetic Pigment Concentrations, Gas Exchange and Vegetative Growth for Selected Monocots and Dicots Treated with Two Contrasting Coal Fly AshesYunusa, IA; Burchett, M; Veeragathipillai, M; DeSilva, L; Eamus, D; Skilbeck, G
2009Photosynthetic pigment concentration, gas exchange and vegetative growth of selected monocots and dicots treated with contrasting coal fly ashesDesilva, L; Eamus, D; Yunusa, I; Burchett, M; Skilbeck, C; Veeragathipillai, M
Jan-2007Short-term responses of two contrasting species of earthworms in an agricultural soil amended with coal fly-ashMuir, MA; Yunusa, IA; Burchett, M; Lawrie, R; Chan, KY; Veeragathipillai, M
Jan-2006The potted plant microcosm substantially reduces indoor air VOC pollution IIOrwell, RL; Wood, R; Burchett, M; Tarran, J; Torpy, FR
Jan-2006The potted-plant microcosm substantially reduces indoor air VOC pollution: 1. Office field-studyWood, R; Burchett, M; Alquezar, R; Orwell, RL; Tarran, J; Torpy, FR
Jan-2006Fly-ash: An exploitable resource for management of Australian agricultural soilsYunusa, IA; Eamus, D; De Silva, DL; Murray, B; Burchett, M; Skilbeck, G; Heidrich, C
Jan-2006The effects of heat, smoke, leaching, scarification, temperature and NaCl salinity on the germination of Solanum centrale (the Australian bush tomato)Ahmed, A; Johnson, KA; Burchett, M; Kenny, B
Jan-2005Zonal and seasonal variation in the distribution and abundance of mangrove macroalgae in the Parramatta River, AustraliaMelville, FR; Pulkownik, A; Burchett, M
Jan-2004Removal of benzene by the indoor plant/substrate microcosm and implications for air qualityOrwell, RL; Wood, R; Tarran, J; Torpy, FR; Burchett, M
Jan-2004Using pot plants to clean indoor airWood, R; Burchett, M; Alquezar, R; Orwell, RL; Tarran, J; Torpy, FR
Jan-2004Genetic variation among age-classes of the mangrove Avicennia marina in clean and contaminated sedimentsMelville, FR; Burchett, M; Pulkownik, A